Week 3 Bonuses

Bonus: Dr. Vincent Felitti

Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) Study

Karen Donaldson Interviews Dr. Vincent Felitti:

Below is an excerpt from Karen’s new book Beat the Belly Fat Blues:

Mind Your Body / Ten Principles Of Sensible Eating

To truly nourish your mind and body for its highest and best good, you do need to put the “good stuff” in and leave the “bad stuff” out. All the tapping in the world won’t fix the problems that come with processed, refined, and artificial foods. Use EFT to help you reduce your cravings for the toxic, junky foods that got you into trouble in the first place. In time, you will start craving the “good stuff” that your body really needs to function at its best. Fueling your body with refined, processed, and artificial foods is analogous to putting bad gasoline in your car. It will run, but you’ll probably have many visits to the repair shop and eventually it will die on you. The same goes for energy “boosters”. They may speed you up for a short time, but the long-term effects on your health can be disastrous. Besides, the 24/7 stress of being “on” all the time will propel you right into fight-or-flight mode, and we all know how that sabotages your weight loss efforts! Because there are nearly as many “diets” as there are people on the planet, finding the right nutrition plan can sometimes be overwhelming. As I dietitian, my top ten general recommendations for weight loss and optimal health are:

  1. Focus on whole, unprocessed, natural foods.
  2. Cut the junky carbs.
  3. Include healthy proteins at each meal and snack
  4. Include healthy fats at each meal and snack.
  5. Enjoy fruit in moderation.
  6. Eat tons of veggies.
  7. Avoid artificial sweeteners.
  8. Improve the health of your gut with probiotics.
  9. Choose organic when possible.
  10. Eat mindfully.

We’ll talk more about these on the call, so have your questions ready! If you’re feeling stuck on what is “healthy”, I’ve included a sample menu to help get you started. Each meal includes healthy proteins, fats, fiber, and a few carbs. They are designed to be “balanced” with respect to your blood sugar, which can help eliminate cravings on a physical level. They are also “family-friendly”, meaning that you could add a few carbs on the side to keep others in your home happy. Remember to tap for any negative emotions that come up.

I Use These All The Time… Try These Three Ideas Soon

Larry Dossey

Bonus: Larry Dossey

Non-Local Consciousness and the Revolution in Medicine

Bonus: Bruce Lipton

The Ching and I:
Bio-Political Musings of a Transformed Scientist 

Tap Along Video on Control Issues

BONUS: Rapid Weight Loss Report

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