Tap-Along Audio Teleclasses

About These Teleclasses

While we were building the Naturally Thin Program, Karen Donaldson and I conducted a series of live teleclasses. They’re here in the course so you can listen and tap along if you choose. 

You’ll relate to people like Jean, who discovers that she unconsciously associates sweets with people who were symbols of love in her life. Once she realizes this consciously, she’s able to tap away her cravings. Or Melissa, who realizes that the reason she hasn’t been able to lose weight is the trauma she suffered as a child. Once she taps it away, the pounds melt off.

The way you can use these recordings is to tap while you’re listening, just like the participants in the original teleclasses did. You can also download these to your computer or wireless device and listen while you’re on the go. Research shows that “Borrowing Benefits” like this is an effective way to apply EFT (Church & House, 2017)

Next you’ll get the first teleclass. Download it to your device, and tap along any time you want.

Tap-Along Audio Teleclass

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