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Changing Women's Suffrage Through Compassion

A Revolution of Thought: Embracing the Power Within

When the tides of your thoughts shift, a magnificent transformation takes place. Like electricity coursing through the intricate pathways of your mind, this energy reverberates outward, harmonizing with the collective consciousness of like-minded souls. The profound impact that awaits is beyond your wildest imagination.

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Power of Magnetic Resonance

Resonating with the Power of Connection

Recently, a group of friends and I eagerly attended the premiere of a science fiction film at a cutting-edge theater equipped with an immersive Dolby Atmos speaker system. As the spacecraft sped the screen, the thunderous roar of its engines reverberated through the theater

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Communing with Dolphins

Communing with Dolphins

Every year, I embark on a week-long adventure of swimming with dolphins. Often it takes me to Hawaii, where I hop on a boat in search of playful spinner dolphins. These magnificent creatures, known for their acrobatic spins out of the water, don’t typically seek interaction with humans. However, I discovered that by swimming with a dolphin-like motion, they would approach me more closely, creating unique connections.

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Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Sight

Vicki Umipeg, a 45-year-old woman who had been blind since birth due to optic nerve damage, had a remarkable experience following a near-death incident. Despite her lifelong absence of visual perception, her encounter provided glimpses into a world she had never known.

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Letters with a Healing Purpose

The Field of Reality

At the age of 45, I made a significant career shift. Having left the world of book publishing a few years earlier, I took the leap and purchased a small hotel. While raising my two children, I lived a somewhat retired life. However, a sense of profound boredom soon consumed me as I felt disconnected from the realm of healing and ideas that had once been integral to my role as a publisher.

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Dawson's first experiment on June 26, 2017

Radioactive Particles Respond to Intention

In June 2017, filled with anticipation, I unwrapped my own Geiger counter. Months prior, I had shared the experiments conducted by Ben Mayrick, Bill Bengston, and Xin Yan, which demonstrated that human intentions could influence the rate of radioactive decay.

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Incorporating EFT in College Basketball

Brain Coherence in Sports

I have had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable performances of championship athletes, thanks to the exceptional coaching skills of Greg Warburton. With years of experience with golfers, basketball players, and baseballers at Oregon State University, Greg has honed his coaching expertise in high-performance techniques, including incorporating EFT.

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