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The Mindful Meditation Technique

Meditation Method


The Mindful Meditation Technique

There are countless benefits to the mindful meditation method of EcoMeditation

EcoMediation is the practice of meditation but with attaining elevated brain states that stimulate alpha brain waves, directly affecting your ability to control emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities. It’s essentially a superior technique of traditional meditation method that allows you to become much more advanced in your conception of emotional states. It takes years to master certain brain states, but with EcoMeditation you can rewire your brain to obtain this state of mind in just 7 simple steps.

In 2019, EEG expert and Zen Master Judith Pennington published a mind-blowing study about EcoMeditation that illustrated some fascinating states in novice meditators:

“EcoMeditation produced extraordinarily high levels of Gamma Synchrony … participants acquired elevated brain states normally found only after years of meditation practice. EcoMeditation facilitated participants’ ability to induce and sustain the alpha brain waves characteristic of high-level emotional, mental, and spiritual integration.”

Listen to the EcoMeditation audio that has been proven to generate the same brain waves as Zen Masters.

Benefits of EcoMeditation

The benefits of EcoMeditation provide an advanced state of mind and uplifted brain-to-self connection, but they don’t just stop there. Other clinical trials produced astonishing data that showed:

How EcoMeditation Changes Your Brain

Control Group

EcoMeditation Group

Medical MRI scans show the effects of EcoMeditation and how it significantly decreases activity in the region of the brain associated with self-focus and suffering (blue above right), while also increasing the activity in the areas of compassion (red above right).

“Studies are now measuring the precise effects of EcoMeditation. My colleagues and I assessed 208 participants at a one-day retreat. In just 6 hours, their anxiety decreased by 23% and their pain by 19%. Their happiness increased 9%. When we followed up with them 6 months later, we found that they’d maintained their gains in anxiety and depression over time and were even happier.”

Traditional meditation is masked with so many spiritual views and religious beliefs that it takes a lot of practice to even master. This is unfortunate. So, all those people practicing basic meditation who don’t quite believe in the set standard of philosophies it entails miss out on the health benefits of meditation. 

That’s where our revolutionary concept comes in.

EcoMeditation was developed to provide all the benefits of normal meditation, including less stress, longer lifespan, sharper memory, greater happiness, and lower health risks, but easier to absorb by all. 

With 7 simple steps, Dawson Church teaches you how to achieve “Bliss Brain” and full mental prosperity. Try EcoMeditation today to see just how easy it is to control your mental state and emotional balance for true ecstasy.

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