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High Energy Health Podcast by Dawson Church, PhD

Where Positive People and Radio Unite

Dawson Church PhD. Podcast

High Energy Health Podcast by Dawson Church, PhD

“Where Positive People and Radio Unite”

Welcome to UpLife’s High Energy Health Podcast! The podcast features the most recent research breakthroughs in EFTmeditation, and energy healing practices, along with live healing sessions with one of the most renowned educators in the health and well-being field today — Dr. Dawson Church. Listen to episodes highlighting healing topics like freedom and joy, higher states of consciousness, trauma relief, and spirit activation, just to name a few. You’ll experience real-time energy healing happenstances while learning practical techniques you can apply in your very own personal life right away.

The High Energy Health Podcast is hosted by world renowned EFT expert, Dawson Church, PhD. Church is the founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH), is the primary investigator in many scientific studies, and the currently the best-selling and award-winning author of seven books, including The Genie in Your Genes, Mind to Matter, Dawson has been acknowledged by many reviewers as a breakthrough optimist in the world’s understanding of emotions and genetics and the connection between them. His profound knowledge and expertise in the mental well-being and mindful mediation techniques makes him a big authority in his field and one you must hear speak.

Listen to UpLife’s podcast episodes each week via on-demand or streaming apps to get your daily does of positivity while learning more about how your brain works.

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