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Power of Prayer

The Divine Shield: Unveiling Its Protective Power

Imagine a world where your chances of encountering a traffic accident diminish by a staggering 92%. Envision the possibility of a cancer diagnosis dwindling by 15% for women and 34% for men. This captivating conclusion emerged as a result of a comprehensive study on religious believers in Denmark, known as the Danish Religious Societies Health Study.

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Enlightenment Experience

The Awakened Mind: Unveiling the Enlightenment Formula

Throughout the annals of human history, a mere 1% of individuals have embarked on the timeless quest for enlightenment. Whether they were the laborers and artisans of medieval times or the professionals and workers of the modern era, the remaining 99% dutifully carried out their worldly pursuits.

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Long Path, Short Path, Wrong Path

Long Path, Short Path, Wrong Path

Written by Paul Cash –
It’s said that on the Long Path we prepare ourselves for the Short Path. That if we try to take the Short Path before our Long Path work has made us ready for it, we will fail.

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Overcoming Secondary Gain on the Path to Manifestation

Throughout my journey of teaching live workshops and participating in virtual trainings at esteemed institutes like Omega, Esalen, and Kripalu, I have encountered countless remarkable and accomplished individuals who, despite their unwavering dedication to New Age principles and the pursuit of their dreams, remain unable to break free from their current circumstances.

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Positive Mindset on Uterine Cancer

Adeline’s Self-Guided Journey of Healing

In the early 1980s, while immersed in a project chronicling stories of spontaneous remissions, I had the privilege of interviewing Adeline—a remarkable cancer survivor whose tale continues to resonate with me decades later. Her story stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the transformative power that lies within us.

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