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Adeline’s Self-Guided Journey of Healing

In the early 1980s, while immersed in a project chronicling stories of spontaneous remissions, I had the privilege of interviewing Adeline—a remarkable cancer survivor whose tale continues to resonate with me decades later. Her story stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the transformative power that lies within us.

When Adeline received the devastating diagnosis of uterine cancer in her early thirties, the disease had already spread throughout her body. Her doctors recommended an aggressive treatment plan encompassing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Even so, the odds of her survival appeared dishearteningly slim.

Adeline made a courageous decision—one that defied the conventional path of surrendering her body to the ravages of medical interventions. Instead, she resolved to embrace her final months of life with a serene spirit.

Immersing herself in the redwoods of Northern California, she embarked on strolls under their majestic canopy, allowing the tranquility of nature to envelop her. Additionally, Adeline cultivated a daily ritual of long, rejuvenating baths, slowly replacing the cooling water with a warm, comforting flow.

Explorations in the forest

During her moments of repose in the tub and during her explorations of the forest, Adeline unleashed the power of her imagination. She envisioned a cascade of miniature, iridescent stars descending from the heavens, their radiance permeating her being. As these ethereal glimmers traversed through her body, she imagined their gentle touch transforming cancer cells into ephemeral bursts, dissipating like punctured balloons.

Concurrently, Adeline adopted the healthiest possible diet. She also dedicated time each day to meditation, nurturing her soul’s sanctuary. Inspirational books served as her guideposts, imbuing her mind with positive and specific images, reinforcing the healing energy she was actively summoning.

Further, she disengaged from relationships that brought unrest and turmoil, preferring the soothing embrace of solitude, save for the few cherished loved ones who provided her with unwavering support.

An astonishing metamorphosis unfolded. Against all odds, her physical well-being surpassed any previous state of vitality she had experienced in her entire life.

When the time came for her check-up at the hospital, nine months after her initial diagnosis, Adeline’s doctors were astounded—no trace of cancer lingered in her body. Her miraculous self-treatment had defied medical expectations.

Ancient Redwoods

Adeline’s transformation was profound. In every possible way, she altered the energetic landscape surrounding her. By immersing herself in the healing embrace of nature, she harmonized with the vibrant currents that flowed through the ancient redwoods.

Her mind became a reservoir of positive imagery, her consciousness directing the healing energy of what she had envisioned as the stars within. She fed her body with food that provided optimum nourishment and high-quality fuel.

She consciously distanced herself from negative influences, purging her environment of detrimental influences. The act of bathing became a ritual that flooded her body with electrons, countering the impact of free radicals and the oxidative stress that undermines cellular well-being.

The nurturing path Adeline embraced thereafter became her new normal, infusing her life with a consistent sense of well-being.

Seven years later, during a subsequent interview, she remained steadfast in her commitment to meditation, clean eating, and a lifestyle characterized by minimal stress. Adeline’s radiant spirit, bolstered by the power of energy healing, offers a beacon of hope to all who are faced with a life-threatening disease.

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