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Awake Always

What if every second of this life Were precious?

What if we looked back after this life

On each of our seconds…


On the seconds we were … awake, alive, aware

And celebrated every one for a thousand years?


What if we looked back

On the seconds we were … asleep

And mourned each one for ten thousand years?


Seize the MomentWhat will it take to wake you up?

A gift?

A disaster?

A surprise?

A tragedy?


What will it take to waken your awareness

To the life flowing through in this very second?


Life gives you whatever you need to wake up.

Gifts and disasters, triumphs and tragedies.


And when you need nothing

To keep you awake, 

You give life the attention

It’s been waiting for.


I will not release one instant of this life

To the oblivion of numbness.


I will not surrender even one of my days

To the apathy of sameness.


I refuse to live even a single minute 

I’ll later regret.


I decline to look back and see …

Precious moments that slipped away

Because I failed to show up for them.


The Great AwakeningI seize you now. This moment. This.

In a furious ecstasy of seconds,

I reclaim every instant for wakefulness.


So I never need mourn

Moments lived unlived.


I seize this moment

And every other

For ecstasy,

For making fierce passionate love to life

With wild and unrestrained excess.


And flow into the twilight of my years

No moment left unlived.

No second spent asleep.


Awake always

Until the body sleeps forever.

And I slip into the great awakening.

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