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Embracing Synchronicity: Meaningful Coincidences

Bernard Beitman, a distinguished psychiatrist and author of the illuminating book Connecting with Coincidence, has dedicated his career to unraveling synchronicities (Beitman, 2016).

Through an extensive online survey involving 1,551 individuals who had encountered coincidences, he uncovered a remarkable insight: the most common type of coincidence experienced by participants was the occurrence of thinking about someone just before receiving an unexpected call from that very person. 

Notably, Beitman discovered that individuals who possess heightened sensitivity or intuition also tend to encounter a greater number of coincidences compared to their less attuned counterparts.

Coincidences have threaded their way throughout the fabric of Beitman’s own existence from his earliest memory. One poignant incident in particular stands as a testament to the awe-inspiring nature of synchronicity

The Meaning of CoincidenceResiding in San Francisco, far from his parents in Connecticut, Beitman found himself standing at his kitchen sink one evening at 11 p.m. An inexplicable sensation of choking gripped him, even though he had consumed neither food nor drink. The discomfort eventually subsided, and he retired for the night. 

The following day, he received a phone call from his brother bringing heart-wrenching news: his father had tragically passed away at 2 a.m. in Connecticut, succumbing to a choking episode (e.g. precisely the same time given the three-hour time-zone difference on opposite sides of the US).

Beitman refers to such profound experiences as “simulpathity,” which encompasses the ability to perceive or feel another individual’s distressing sensations from a distance. While some scholars offer explanations of synchronicities as random occurrences governed by probability, Beitman firmly believes both the sheer number and magnitude of coincidences in people’s lives transcend statistical reasoning. 

Regardless of the stance one takes, the research indicating those who cultivate synchronicity tend to experience it more frequently underscores the importance of attentively observing the occurrence of synchronicities in our own lives.

Personally, I have adopted the practice of notating synchronicities in my journal with a prominent “S” encircled, and as I embrace this mindset, synchronicities have seemingly multiplied from rare occurrences to daily happenings. It is plausible that as we attune ourselves to the grand cycles of consciousness within the universe, we gradually align with its rhythm. 

Practicing Meditation for Synchronicity

Through regular meditation and conscious alignment with the synchronized universe, we unlock the pathway to an easier and more fulfilling life. When individuals contact us and offer timely support, when ideas manifest precisely when guidance is sought, and when we find ourselves at the right place and time to receive blessings of prosperity and knowledge, life becomes markedly smoother compared to the arduous journey of “going it alone.”

Harmony resonates throughout the natural world, synchronized in sublime alignment. Why not surrender to its current and flow with the river of life, rather than perpetually swimming against the proverbial tide? 

By embracing synchronicity and the meaningful coincidences we encounter, we open ourselves to a realm of infinite possibilities and our journey unfolds with newfound purpose and fulfillment. Contact Dawson Church and the team here at UpLife for more information on how you too can begin the beneficial practice of synchronicity through meditation today. 



Beitman, B. D. (2016). Connecting with coincidence: The new science for using synchronicity and serendipity in your life. Health Communications. 

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