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The Awakened Mind: Unveiling the Enlightenment Formula

Throughout the annals of human history, a mere 1% of individuals have embarked on the timeless quest for enlightenment. Whether they were the laborers and artisans of medieval times or the professionals and workers of the modern era, the remaining 99% dutifully carried out their worldly pursuits.

However, the solitary journey of these One Percenters came at a great cost, often renouncing earthly pleasures and seeking refuge in secluded monasteries, caves, or atop mountain peaks. Years of devotion encompassing countless hours of contemplation were required to tread this sacred path.

The arrival of the 20th century marked the advent of technological advancements that enabled the scientific study of individuals with awakened minds. Monks, nuns, shamans, and adepts were connected to EEGs and MRIs, leading to a momentous discovery. 

Regardless of their spiritual or religious background, individuals undergoing an enlightenment experience exhibited a distinctive pattern of brain waves. In my book Mind to Matter, I delve into the characteristics of this revered state of consciousness known as the “Awakened Mind.”

Enlightenment ExperienceThose immersed in the Awakened Mind state generate sustained alpha brain waves, the very essence of the “flow” state. Moreover, they manifest heightened levels of gamma waves, the brain’s gateway to integration. Gamma waves are intimately tied to love, compassion, enhanced perception, associative learning, synaptic efficiency, healing, attention, and transcendental bliss. 

A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin revealed that advanced meditators exhibited 25 times more gamma activity compared to non-meditators. Furthermore, they displayed reduced emotional reactivity, paving the way for inner peace and serenity.

Balance between brain activities: the “Awakened Mind” pattern, with large amounts of delta (purple) and theta (blue), and attenuated beta (red). Plentiful alpha (green) provides an “alpha bridge” between conscious mind (beta) and unconscious and subconscious levels (theta and delta). 

Beta Brain WavesEmpowered by this profound understanding, my focus shifted towards training individuals to swiftly access the Awakened Mind state. I discovered that a simple form of meditation known as EcoMeditation can catapult novices into elevated emotional states with remarkable speed. 

During one of my retreats, renowned neuroscientist Judith Pennington conducted EEG tests on eight participants. Astonishingly, she found that EcoMeditation elicited extraordinarily high levels of gamma activity. She concluded that within just two days, many participants achieved elevated brain states typically attained after years of dedicated meditation practice.

Among the participants were individuals who had never meditated before—to our astonishment, one of them exhibited higher values than any other recorded in Pennington’s extensive database of 7,500 EEG scans. Toni Tombleson, inspired by Mind to Matter, embarked on EcoMeditation and shared her transformative experience:

“Despite my year-long meditation practice, I had never encountered the profound awakening I just experienced during EcoMeditation. All I can say is WOW! Overwhelmed by anxiety, frustration, fear, and anger, I approached this practice with doubt, hearing a persistent voice in my head saying, ‘You’re wasting your time; you can’t reach that inner place; you’ve tried countless times before.’

“Yet, when I projected a beam of love from the depths of my heart, an indescribable wave of laughter washed over me, accompanied by tears of pure bliss streaming from my eyes. It was an absolutely breathtaking moment, and I have committed to practicing EcoMeditation daily. To feel that boundless love and bliss is my ultimate dream. Thank you!”

The Awakened Mind StateIn the past, the attainment of mystical bliss seemed elusive and unattainable. Today, armed with scientific knowledge, we measure the Enlightenment Formula in frequencies and amplitudes. Like Toni, anyone can be trained to swiftly access this sacred state of being. Ordinary individuals can readily attain extraordinary states of consciousness.

As we consistently practice the Enlightenment Formula, we experience more than mere improvement in our well-being. We become architects of our own destiny, weaving joy, creativity, and inspiration into the tapestry of our everyday lives. 

By breaking free from the constraints of our old patterns, ingrained habits, self-defeating behaviors, and the limitations of our upbringing, we unlock the potential for truly fulfilling lives and newfound individuality. 

The practices once reserved for the revered One Percenters are now accessible to all, laying the foundation for us to embrace both a joyous and purposeful life. Embrace the path of illumination and discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

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