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Radioactive Particles Respond to Intention

In June 2017, filled with anticipation, I unwrapped my own Geiger counter. Months prior, I had shared the experiments conducted by Ben Mayrick, Bill Bengston, and Xin Yan, which demonstrated that human intentions could influence the rate of radioactive decay.

 This revelation challenged the notion that radioactive decay was an unchangeable constant, one of the fundamental forces of physics. I eagerly encouraged my colleagues to conduct replications of these experiments, but unfortunately, they showed little interest.

The necessary equipment was straightforward and affordable: a Geiger counter and a smoke detector containing an americium-241 disk. The methodology was simple as well. It boiled down to determining whether a healer could slow the rate of radioactive decay. The Geiger counter measured radiation in microsieverts, a standard scientific unit, or counts per minute (CPM), which indicated the number of electrons released by the radioactive source.

After setting up the equipment on my dining room table, I first familiarized myself with obtaining a basic radiation reading, discovering the baseline radiation in my house fluctuated between 12 and 22 CPM, with an average of 18 CPM.

Next I positioned the Geiger counter directly above the radiation source, which happened to be a household smoke detector. The radiation readings increased to an average of 60 CPM. Just a few inches away from the smoke detector, the readings returned to normal. It became evident that the Geiger counter had to be in close proximity to measure any radiation, as the devices were designed to be safe for household use.

I commenced the seven steps of EcoMeditation and filled my mind with the same image Ben Mayrick had used: a frozen rock. Disappointingly, the Geiger counter displayed no change. Frustrated, I thought, perhaps this ability was limited to just a select few, like Ben or Dr. Yan.

Pacing around the room, questions exploded in my brain:

  • Radioactive Particles Respond to IntentionCould I obtain the same result a second time?
  • Why was I not able to lower the count, only raise it?
  • Could other people do this? Is the effect more pronounced with gifted healers than it is with ordinary people?
  • Can anyone be trained to do this? Is it a skill that can be taught? Does this ability improve with practice?
  • Was my belief in energy healing enhancing the results?
  • Would skepticism be a barrier to replicating them?
  • What force could be producing the change in the radiation levels? How can I test this in a way that is methodologically impeccable?
  • Did it happen because of my magic T-shirt? (just kidding)

However, I persisted with my meditation, placing my hands on either side of the smoke detector and channeling energy through them, just as I would during a healing session with a client. To my amazement, the numbers began to rise. First, into the high 60s, then surpassing 70, and eventually reaching over 80 CPM. I conducted the test for a duration of 10 minutes, with an average of 80 CPM.

When I ceased my meditation, the numbers swiftly dropped back to 60 CPM. After another 10 minutes, I moved the Geiger counter two feet away from the smoke detector and the background readings reverted to their initial average of 18 CPM.

Filled with an overwhelming surge of jubilance, I couldn’t return to my office for routine work. Instead, I hopped into my bright red 1974 Jensen Healey, a beloved vintage car, and headed to the gym. There, I exercised with sheer exuberance, shouting and punching the air around me. Such moments in life are truly worth celebrating!

This experience confirmed that it wasn’t just Xin Yan and Ben Mayrick who possessed the ability to influence radioactivity. The club of individuals capable of producing this effect had now demonstrably expanded from two to three!

Later that afternoon, when my wife, Christine, returned from work, I invited her to join me at the dining room table, hoping to elevate the club membership count from three to four.

Geiger Counter ExperimentA 10-minute measurement of background radiation yielded an average of 17 CPM. Placing the Geiger counter on top of the smoke detector resulted in an average of 60 CPM after a 10-minute test.

As Christine placed her hands around the source and engaged in meditation for 10 minutes, the CPM dropped to 57. When I asked her to visualize the face of her youngest grandchild, it further decreased to 52.

Remarkably, Christine maintained the CPM at 52 for the duration of the 10-minute meditation. Interestingly, she could lower the CPM but struggled to raise it using Ben Mayrick’s imagery. In contrast, I could raise it but not lower it. These contrasting results intrigued us: I possessed the ability to increase it, while Christine had the knack for decreasing it.

Upon concluding her meditation, I tested the unattended Geiger counter for another 10 minutes, and it averaged 61 CPM. Moving away from the smoke detector, a background radiation count of 18 CPM was recorded. The club now consisted of four official members… and perhaps there are countless others yet to be discovered!

Learn much more from Dawson Church‘s other experiments and new findings from his intentions in his podcast and other blog posts to see the boundless opportunities EFT can bring humanity.

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