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Communing with Dolphins

Every year, I embark on a week-long adventure of swimming with dolphins. Often it takes me to Hawaii, where I hop on a boat in search of playful spinner dolphins. These magnificent creatures, known for their acrobatic spins out of the water, don't typically seek interaction with humans. However, I discovered that by swimming with a dolphin-like motion, they would approach me more closely, creating unique connections.

During a recent trip, I found myself at Dolphin Discovery, a renowned dolphin facility near Cancun, Mexico. Adorned with a bold sign proclaiming it as the “Home of the World’s Most Loved Dolphins,” this place radiated a genuine affection and devotion to the care of these remarkable creatures. Their dedicated veterinarians ensured the daily health checkups of each dolphin, while the staff diligently trained humans on respectful and safe interactions.

Swimming with DolphinsGuided by the knowledgeable Helen, my week at the facility proved transformative. Her expertise in approaching and interacting with dolphins was astounding. Under her tutelage, I formed profound bonds with these magnificent creatures at an accelerated pace.

Among the 33 dolphins at the facility were three lively males, affectionately nicknamed Edison, Gandalf, and Hermes. Born and raised in captivity, they exuded curiosity and enthusiasm. I found myself on a journey of discovery with them, starting with simple introductions on the platform. 

Through heart coherence and energy healing, I established a connection with Edison, who gently placed his chin in my hand. Soon after, Hermes followed suit. Day by day, our relationship deepened, and they allowed me to stroke their backs and bellies as they gracefully glided by.

Venturing into the lagoon, I donned my goggles and submerged myself in the dolphins’ watery world. Swimming around me, their attentive eyes seemed to observe my every move. There was a profound sense of connection and understanding as we exchanged glances beneath the surface.

As our bond strengthened, Gandalf joined in, trusting me enough so that he too rested his chin in my hand. Edison, on the other hand, became an enthusiast of touch, relishing back rubs and even exposing his belly for affectionate pets. We created impromptu games in the lagoon, engaging in playful races and endearing exchanges, bridging the divide between our species.

By the end of my third day, an undeniable attachment had formed. The dolphins could recognize me among the crowd from a considerable distance, eagerly leaping out of the water in anticipation. Playfully, they would click and chirp in their own language as I knelt down to connect with them.

Leaving the dolphins behind was a bittersweet moment. Helen and I bid each other farewell with a tinge of sadness, our bond strengthened by our shared experiences with these extraordinary beings. Their presence had not only impacted our connection with them but had also enriched our humanity.

Playing with Dolphins in CancunReturning home, I found myself yearning for the dolphins’ company. Their energetic call reached me, even across the vast distance now separating us. While the debate surrounding dolphin captivity continues, Dolphin Discovery stands as an exceptional example of a well-run facility, prioritizing the health and well-being of their beloved charges. In contrast to their wild counterparts, captive dolphins experience lower stress levels, improved immune function, and enhanced longevity.

Nevertheless, the ethical implications of confining intelligent species remains complex. It is a reminder that we must carefully consider the impact of our actions on the remarkable creatures with whom we share our planet. Yet the bonds formed between humans and dolphins are undeniable. They remind us of the interconnectedness of all species and offer a glimpse into the profound intelligence that exists beyond our own.

The gaze of another sentient being, whether it be a dog, cat, whale, or dolphin, holds the power to transform, igniting a sense of kinship in recognition of our shared existence. Scientific studies have shown that pets contribute to human health and longevity, but connecting with aquatic species like dolphins can further expand our understanding due to the vastness that separates our worlds.

In the end, swimming with dolphins not only offers moments of joy and wonder but also prompts us to reflect on our profound responsibility to protect and cherish all living beings, fostering a future of coexistence and harmony.

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