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Near-Death Sight

Vicki Umipeg, a 45-year-old woman who had been blind since birth due to optic nerve damage, had a remarkable experience following a near-death incident. Despite her lifelong absence of visual perception, her encounter provided glimpses into a world she had never known.

After another car violently struck the one in which she was riding, Vicki found herself floating above her body, observing the events that unfolded in the nearby hospital’s emergency room. Although initially disoriented following the accident, she gradually recognized the body below as her own, despite feeling disconnected from it. 

Ambulance RideDuring this out-of-body experience, she overheard the doctor and nurse conversing with concern, saying in hushed tones, “We can’t bring her back.”

Ascending through the ceiling, Vicki encountered a realm of ethereal beauty. The gentle sound of wind chimes serenaded her journey. In this transcendent space, she perceived trees, birds, and people, all comprising radiant light. 

Overwhelmed by this novel sensory  experience, Vicki struggled to comprehend the nature of the light itself. It seemed to embody boundless knowledge and profound understanding. 

Her time in this ethereal realm was fleeting, however, as she was abruptly sent back into her body, where she was immediately plagued by excruciating pain.

Vicki Umipeg's Out of Body Experience After Car Accident

Remarkably, Vicki’s near-death experience granted her an unexpected glimpse into the world of vision she had never known. She described intricate details of objects she had never laid eyes on, such as the patterns on her rings. With vivid clarity, she recalled seeing a plain gold band on her right ring finger, alongside her father’s wedding ring. 

It was her own wedding ring, however, that captivated her attention the most. She marveled at its uniqueness, with delicate orange blossoms adorning its corners.

For Vicki, this extraordinary encounter marked the only instance where she could relate to the concept of sight and comprehend the nature of light itself. Through her near-death experience, she briefly stepped into a realm that transcended her lifelong blindness, providing her a new and profound understanding of the visual world as well as the mysterious realm outside its bounds.

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