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Orbs of the Divine

By Carol Warner

During my therapy sessions with a client I’ll call “Jennifer” and her mother, we delved into the painful history of Jennifer’s sexual abuse by a male relative who had lived with them. Jennifer had kept this trauma hidden due to repeated threats made against her and her mother’s lives by her attacker. When she finally found the courage to disclose the truth, the man was arrested, although was later, shockingly, acquitted—the blame falling unjustly on her mother’s shoulders.

Terminal Ovarian Cancer DiagnosisThe revelation of Jennifer’s abuse plunged her into a devastating downward spiral. She found herself trapped in a relationship mirroring the years of beatings she had endured. She turned to drugs, ran away, worked at a strip club, and was raped again, along with suffering other bodily assaults. Jennifer became emotionally detached, while her mother grappled with overwhelming grief.

After some time, Jennifer’s mother decided to start a business in a different city, halting our therapy sessions. However, she called me one day with unexpected news—Jennifer expressed a desire to return home, ready to confront her past and rebuild her life. Wisely, her mother insisted on therapy as a condition for her daughter’s return, and, in turn, Jennifer expressed her trust in me as her therapist, despite the three-hour geographical distance now separating us.

Due to the loss of her driver’s license, Jennifer’s mother made an extraordinary sacrifice. She agreed to take a day off from work each week, driving the two of them six hours roundtrip to my office for their sessions. During our initial meeting, I inquired about Jennifer’s post-assault medical examination, only to learn that she had never undergone one. Urgently, I encouraged her to seek a thorough examination from a gynecologist.

In our next meeting, Jennifer and her mother arrived at my office bearing long faces and sad news. A biopsy had revealed several large ovarian cancer spots, carrying a grim prognosis. Seeking a second opinion, Jennifer consulted another gynecologist who confirmed the presence of three sizable cancerous spots on her ovaries. The second biopsy confirmed this dire diagnosis—terminal cancer, with a life expectancy of merely six months.

Shattered by this devastating diagnosis, both mother and daughter expressed the bitter irony of embarking on a fresh start, only to have Jennifer now facing imminent death. Her mother was utterly heartbroken, feeling both helpless and hopeless. I, too, was overcome with shock and profound sadness, feeling deeply connected to their pain.

That night, I included Jennifer and her mother in my prayers, beseeching divine assistance. In the midst of my slumber, a dream unfolded.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, descended from the sky, emanating a luminous, ethereal blue light. Clad in a beautiful blue gown, perhaps adorned with specks of gold, she exuded a peaceful aura brimming with love. With outstretched arms, Mary then emitted three radiant orbs of golden-white light, each one directed toward a cancerous spot on Jennifer’s ovaries. As I looked on in awe, each orb enveloped and surrounded its designated spot, a truly remarkable sight.

Awakening from this extraordinary dream, I felt an unwavering certainty that Jennifer had now been completely healed of her cancer. This certainty remained steadfast in both my dream state and waking consciousness

Virgin Mary's Healing PowersThroughout the day, I pondered the dream, occasionally wrestling with doubts. Should I share this revelation with Jennifer, or would it offer her false hope? After debating with myself, it felt it would be unjust to withhold this profound visitation from Mary. I decided to disclose my dream while cautioning Jennifer that I did not fully understand its meaning. 

Jennifer’s eyes widened in astonishment as I recounted to her what had unfolded in my dream. Despite my cautionary words, she confidently affirmed its truth, believing that Mary had indeed healed her. 

Jennifer returned to the same doctor who had initially diagnosed her visibly cancerous spots just one week before. The doctor declared he now found no trace of cancer in her. Two subsequent biopsies confirmed the absence of cancer. We were filled with joy and awe at this miraculous news.

Fifteen years have since passed and Jennifer remains cancer-free—a testament to the incredible power of divine intervention and healing.

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