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The Field of Reality

At the age of 45, I made a significant career shift. Having left the world of book publishing a few years earlier, I took the leap and purchased a small hotel. While raising my two children, I lived a somewhat retired life. However, a sense of profound boredom soon consumed me as I felt disconnected from the realm of healing and ideas that had once been integral to my role as a publisher.

Seeking to reignite my passion, I embarked on a mission to publish an anthology titled The Heart of Healing, a revival of a successful collection I had published back in the 1980s. Determined to gather contributions from the most prominent figures in the healing field, I sent out letters of invitation to renowned individuals like Larry Dossey, Deepak Chopra, Donna Eden, Bernie Siegel, and Christiane Northrup.

The Beginning of Dawson Church Writing His BooksEnclosed within each letter was a stamped blue postcard, a simple yet powerful request for a yes or no response, accompanied by a blank field requesting a brief explanation for their decision. Anticipation filled my days as I eagerly awaited the sight of those blue postcards in my mailbox. The first one arrived, a resounding yes from Bernie Siegel! Bursting with relief and delight, I hurried back to my office, sharing the news with my assistant, who looked at me curiously.

“I have opened a dialogue with Bernie Siegel!” I proclaimed with excitement, reframing each subsequent response, even the no’s, as the beginning of a conversation. I maintained my unwavering belief in the success of the anthology, despite any evidence to the contrary.

Over time, almost all of the initial “no” responses found their place in the anthology, which went on to receive recognition as the best health book of the year. As for Larry Dossey, our initial exchange paved the way for a cherished friendship and he eventually became one of the first endorsers of my book Mind to Matter.

Through nurturing my vision and sustaining my reality field of a successful anthology—even in the face of apparent setbacks—remarkable opportunities unfolded. This reinforced the power of maintaining unwavering belief and fostering meaningful connections, reminding me that the journey to actualizing our dreams often takes unexpected turns and results in surprising outcomes.

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