Tapping Script: My Metabolism

For Shifting Your Metabolism

Most of us at some point or another have been exposed to the idea that some people have a fast metabolism and others have a slow metabolism.

We all know people who are highly active. Perhaps they run or engage in other vigorous exercise. They seem to be able to wolf down huge amounts of food and never gain a pound. The popular idea is that these people have a fast metabolism.

Others of us just have to walk past a loaf of bread to gain a pound. It seems like everything we eat sticks to our body, and our body metabolizes those foods so efficiently and slowly that they stick to us in the form of fat.

You’ve probably read article about people who have fast metabolisms and people who have slow metabolisms. Perhaps you at some point had somebody say, “You have a slow metabolism,” or you’ve had that thought.

In the following tapping scripts, we’ll do three rounds of EFT. In the first round, we’ll tap generally on the idea of having a slow metabolism. In the second round, we’ll tap on a specific event in which somebody said that to us, we read that or we thought that. In the third round, we’ll tap on having a fast metabolism.

It might seem like a huge stretch that EFT could actually speed our metabolism. Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few reports on the EFTuniverse.com story archive of people who shifted their whole metabolism simply by tapping.

Start off with your karate chop point and repeat aloud after me.

KC: Even though I have this slow metabolism and there is no way of making it faster, I love and accept my body just the way it is. I accept myself, slow metabolism and all. I have such a sluggish metabolism. I just don’t process that food quickly or efficiently. A slow metabolism has been mine my whole life long. It’s just the way my body is. It is inevitable.

EB: My slow metabolism is a fact.

SE: My slow metabolism is inevitable.

UE: Slow metabolism is me.

UN: Me and my slow metabolism.

CH: That’s just the way I am.

CB: That’s just the way I was born.

UA: I was born with a slow metabolism.

KC: That contributes to making me fat, and I will die with a slow metabolism. It’s impossible to change.

EB: It is impossible to change my metabolism.

SE: It’s just a fact.

UE: My metabolism is just a fact.

UN: It’s the way it is.

CH: And no one can change it.

CB: Nobody and nothing can change my metabolism.

UA: It’s just a fact.

KC: My slow metabolism.

Take a breath. Think back to a time when you read about a slow metabolism or someone said to you, “Maybe you gain weight just because you have a slow metabolism.” Think about the event and how you felt, especially if there were any hurtful words said to you. Think back to people who characterized you as fat when you were young and any hurtful words they said about you, your body or your metabolism.

Now rate the degree of your emotion from 0 to 10. Think about the hurtful words or hurtful event. Give yourself a number from 0 to 10 with 0 being no emotional charge and 10 being the maximum possible emotional intensity. Let’s start tapping. First of all, tap your karate chop point and say this out loud with me.

KC: Even though they said that, even though I heard that, even though I read that, I love and accept myself.

EB: That hurt.

SE: What they said really hurt.

UE: It wounded me so deeply.

UN: It went in so deep.

CH: And hurt so bad.

CB: Those hurtful words.

UA: My fat body.

KC: My fat body. My slow metabolism. I completely accept myself.

EB: I heard those words. They hurt so deeply.

SE: I never let anyone know how deeply they hurt.

UE: I’ve been hiding my hurt.

UN: But it sure runs deep.

CH: Those words hurt.

CB: My slow metabolism.

UA: Hurtful words.

KC: My slow metabolism. And I love and accept myself, slow metabolism, body, fat and all.

Take a breath. Now reassess your degree of emotional triggering. On that scale from 0 to 10, if you were a 7, 8, 9 or perhaps even a 10 before when thinking about the event, what are you now? The chances are good that you’ve gone way down. If not, repeat as many rounds of EFT as you need to do in order to feel totally good and calm when you think of the event.

Now let’s tap on the idea of speeding up your metabolism. Tap your karate chop point and say this out loud with me.

KC: Slow metabolism. Fast metabolism.

EB: Very slow metabolism. Very fast metabolism.

SE: Incredibly fast metabolism.

UE: I raise my metabolism now.

UN: I raise my metabolism to a high degree.

CH: I raise my metabolic rate sky high.

CB: I boost my metabolism.

UA: My intentions are powerful.

KC: And I powerfully intend to boost my metabolism now. Each day, I boost my metabolism. Each meal, I boost my metabolism.

EB: I boost my metabolism now.

SE: My body metabolizes food so quickly and efficiently.

UE: I have a naturally fast metabolism.

UN: I have a naturally fast metabolism.

CH: I raise my metabolism now.

CB: My mind is powerful. With my mind, I raise my metabolism.

UA: I have a naturally fast metabolism.

KC: Fast metabolism. That’s what I choose. That is me.

Take a deep breath. I would recommend that you tap on a fast metabolism every day, even with every meal. As you sit down to eat, imagine a fast metabolism and do a round of tapping. It takes only a minute, but it can really tune up your body. After you’re done eating, tap again, and say to yourself, “My body metabolizes this food quickly and efficiently.”

If you do this day by day and have a consistent intention of speeding up your metabolism, the chances are that you will have an effect.


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