Tapping Script: For Bread, Cake, or Baked Goods

Before Having Your Favorite Baked Goods

Most of us at one time or another have been tempted by delicious smells like baking bread or the scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. When we would taste those foods, we would so enjoy them.

This tapping script is designed to allow us to be at choice with those foods. We might eat them or not eat them, but we’ll no longer want to be possessed by the craving to where we must eat them.

We’ll do this in two ways. We’ll tap on the food themselves and the experiences of eating them, and we’ll also tap on an event, preferably a childhood event, when that food played a big role in your life.

First of all, I’d like you to write down the degree of your craving on a scale of 0 to 10. Zero means no craving and 10 is the highest possible craving.

Where do you fall on that scale when you vividly imagine eating your favorite baked goods? Are you a 7, 9, 4 or 3? Write down your number so you can refer to it later on and see how effective ETF is at bringing down your number.

Start by tapping on your karate chop point and think about the event where you first encountered that food with vivid emotional meaning. It may have been one of your birthdays when you were a child. It may have been a reward for some good thing you did. Having that food withheld might even have been a punishment for doing a bad thing.

Tap your karate chop point and vividly imagine an event from your early childhood that involved the food. We’ll call this “the event.” I’d like you to repeat after me and substitute the name of your real event whenever I say the generic term “the event.”

You’re still tapping the karate chop point. Say out loud,

KC: Even though the event happened, I deeply and completely accept myself. There is all this emotional intensity around that event, and I still deeply and completely accept myself.

That was such an emotionally intense event. I’m thinking about the people, the sights, the sounds, the tastes and the other aspects of the event, and I totally and completely accept myself.

EB: The people of the event. The tastes of the event. The sounds of the event. The smells of the event.

SE: I remember the people, the sights, the sounds, the smells.

UE: I vividly imagine the people, the sights, the sounds, the smells.

UN: I vividly imagine everything about the event.

CH: The feelings in that event.

CB: The way I felt then,

UA: is not the way I feel now.

KC: Then I was small. I didn’t have all the resources I have now.

EB: Now I am an adult. I have a lot of resources I did not have then.

SE: Now is now and then was then.

UE: I have choice now. I have options now.

UN: Options I did not have then.

CH: I crave this food.

CB: I will always crave this food.

UA: I will never crave this food again.

KC: Now vividly imagine the food. Imagine taking a bite of the food. Imagine the sight and smell of the food and how the food feels in your mouth.

While vividly imagining the food, say out loud, I will always crave this food. I will never crave this food again. Whether I do or don’t crave this food, I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB: I will always crave this food.

SE: I will never crave this food again.

UE: This craving will get worse.

UN: This craving will get better.

CB: This craving will never be gone.

UA: This craving is gone now.

KC: Who would I be without this craving? This craving is like an old friend. I know it so well. It’ll always be with me. I can never escape this craving. I can always escape this craving. I’m always at choice.

EB: I’m never at choice. I will always give in to this craving.

SE: I will never give in to this graving.

UE: I will give in to it sometimes, and I will not give in to it other times.

UN: I release this craving.

CH: I used to need this craving,

CB: but I don’t need it anymore.

UA: It served a good purpose in my life way back when,

KC: but I don’t need it anymore. I bless this craving and I release it completely. I am me with or without this craving. I am at choice, and I release this craving now.

Now take a deep breath and vividly imagine that food you crave again. The chances are your degree of craving has gone way down. If it’s not down to a 0 or a low number, play the first part of this recording again and imagine a different event that involved the food or intense emotions around the food.

The chances are that once you’ve tapped on three, four or five events, the craving will go down and you will be at choice about whether to eat that food or leave that food.


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