Tapping Script: Wine

Before Having That Red, White Wine, Beer or Cocktail

Pour a glass of your favorite wine, beer, or other form of alcohol. Don’t taste it just yet, but do raise it to your nose. As you inhale the aroma, rate your craving on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being no craving at all and 10 being the most possible craving. I’ll use the word “wine” for this tapping script but if you prefer beer, cocktails, or another kind of alcohol, just substitute your preferred form of alcohol whenever I say “wine.”

We’re going to tap both on an event around wine and on the physical sensations of the wine itself, so write down your degree of craving from 0 to 10 so you can compare your results before and after you’ve tapped on this wine craving.

Start tapping on your KC point and think back to an event in your life in which wine played a prominent role. This could have been the very first time you ever tried wine. Maybe it was a time when you were upset or angry and you used wine to deal with your feelings. Maybe it was a time of grave celebration and you associate wine with that celebration.

Once you’ve got your event, keep tapping and say out loud with me, “Even though I experienced this event, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I experienced this event around wine, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I experienced this wine event, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

EB: This wine event;

SE: the sights, sounds, smells, memories of this wine event,

UE: all the sensory channels involved in this wine event,

UN: all the feelings involved in this wine event,

CH: all these feelings,

CB: all these feelings,

UA: all these feelings,

KC: all these feelings come up when I think of that wine event and I still completely accept myself.

With or without these feelings I fully and completely accept myself.

EB: This wine event,

SE: these feelings,

UE: everything that happened then,

UN: all these feelings around wine,

CH: that event,

CB: these emotions,

UA: that wine event.

Tune back in to the event, smell the wine again and see if your cravings number has changed. You’re likely to discover your cravings have gone down and maybe have gone down quite a lot.

We’ll now tap on the wine itself.

KC: The smell of this wine, the aroma of this wine,

EB: the scent of this wine,

SE: the taste of this wine,

UE: the way this wine feels in my mouth,

UN: the way this wine looks in the glass,

CH: the scent of the wine,

CB: the taste of the wine,

UA: the way the wine feels in my mouth,

KC: I accept myself craving this wine.

EB: Wine in my mouth,

SE: wine in my stomach,

UE: wine in my body,

UN: makes me feel good.

CH: This good feeling

CB: makes me feel bad.

UA: This bad feeling

KP: Craving this wine.

KP: I might always have this wine craving. This wine craving might never go away, and I will still be me. I’ll still be the same great person if I lose this wine craving or keep this wine craving. The choice is entirely up to me.

EB: This wine craving. The way it looks in the glass.

SE: This wine craving. The way it tastes.

UE: This wine craving. The way it smells.

UN: This wine craving. The way I feel when I look forward to drinking wine.

CH: The way I feel after I’ve drunk too much wine.

CB: Too much wine.

UA: Never enough wine.

KC: Craving this wine.

EB: Be okay with this wine.

SE: Not be okay with this wine.

UE: Being me with this wine.

UN: Being me without this wine.

CH: Being me.

CB: This wine.

UA: This craving

KC: Might never go away.

EB: Might be gone now.

SE: Might be gone forever.

UE: I can choose.

UN: Whether or not.

CH: To drink this wine.

CB: I am always at choice.

UA: It is my choice whether or not to drink this wine.

KC: It’s always my choice.

EB: It’s never my choice.

SE: I must give in to this craving.

UE: I must not give in to this craving.

UN: I give in now.

CH: I never give in.

CB: I am myself, whether or not I give in to this craving and drink wine.

UA: I’m always at choice.

KC: I’m never at choice. This wine controls me. This craving controls me.

EB: This craving always controls me.

SE: This craving never controls me.

UE: This craving has power over me.

UN: This craving never has power over me.

CH: This craving always has power over me.

CB: This craving will always have power over me.

UA: This craving will never have power over me.

KC: This craving. This craving for wine. I am me. I am good. I am safe with or without this craving.

Take a deep breath. Pick up the wine again. Smell the wine and notice your number. You’ll probably be surprised to discover you’re now at a really low number, perhaps even a zero. This doesn’t mean that you’ll always be a zero for all wine forever. It just means that you’re a zero for craving this wine right now.

Please keep this tapping script handy any time you crave wine in the future. Also, repeat the script around other childhood events and memories that may have popped up into your mind, or other adult times when you craved wine or had a significant experience around wine.


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