Tapping Script: I Might Get More Attention From Men

Working With The Anxiety That You Might Get Unwanted Attention

The theme of this tapping script is the worry or fear that you might get unwanted attention form members of the opposite sex. If you’re a woman, this means getting attention from men who you don’t really want to be paying attention to you. If you’re a man, it means women who you’d rather not draw attention from.

Although I’m going to use “men” in the course of the tapping script, if you’re a man, substitute the word “women” or whoever else you’re worried about in that space, and the script will work for you just fine.

We tend to have a very ambivalent attitude toward getting attention from members of the opposite sex. We want it. We like it. We enjoy being told we’re attractive or beautiful, but it can also be unwanted and carry with it demands that we meet their needs.

How do you have healthy boundaries and deal with a worry that the increased attention you’ll get if you lose weight might actually be a threat or problem to you instead of something you enjoy?

For the purpose of this exercise, I’d like you to first of all imagine somebody you would really rather not get attention from. To do that, think back to a time in your life when you had somebody paying attention to you in a very unwelcome way.

It could have been a relative. It could have been a teacher. It could have been somebody who punished you in some way. Vividly imagine an event in your life in which you received unwanted attention. We’ll tap both on that specific event and also on the general issue of receiving unwanted attention.

Start tapping on your karate chop point and get a number from 0 to 10, with 0 being the least amount possible of emotional intensity when you think of this event and 10 being the maximum possible emotional intensity. Remember your number, or even write down your number.

As you tap your karate chop point, say this out loud after me.

KC:     Even though this event happened, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I vividly remember this bad event when I received this unwanted attention, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have a vivid memory of this event, I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB:      This event. The sights, sounds, smells, feelings and tastes of this event.

SE:      This event happened. It felt terrible. It should never have happened.

UE:     It felt terrible, and it happened to me,

UN:     And I completely accept myself.

CH:     Even though this really bad event happened.

CB:     This terrible event. I got all that unwanted attention.

UA:      That miserable event when I got all of that unwanted attention.

KC:     That miserable event where I got all of that unwanted attention.

EB:      What the event looked like, tasted like, smelled like, felt like.

SE:      What I heard and all of my recollections of the event. It happened.

UE:     It happened to me. It should never have happened.

UN:     It should never have happened to anybody.

CH:     It should never have happened to me,

CB:     but it did happen and I fully and completely accept myself.

KC:     Even though the bad thing happened, I fully and completely accept myself.

EB:      The event happened.

SE:      This miserable event.

UE:     This bad event.

UN:     This terrible event.

CH:     But I’m still me.

CB:     And I survived.

UA:      I survived worse.

KC:     I’ll survive in the future. This may have even made me stronger.

EB:      I’m strong today. This is in the past.

SE:      It happened a long time ago.

UE:     I’m over it now.

UN:     I have perspective now.

CH:     That was then. Now is now.

CB:     That’s in the past. I am me.

UA:      And I am safe.

KC:     I fully, deeply and completely accept myself.

Take a deep breath and think back to the event where you received unwanted attention. Tune back in and ask yourself, “What’s my number?” If you were an 8 or 9 before, what number are you now? Chances are you’ve gone way down and are at a really low number.

If you aren’t go ahead and rewind the recording and tap through again. You’ll probably find that with just two or three rounds of tapping, your number goes way down.

Use this recording on as many events as you’d like. If you have many times where you’ve received unwanted attention, just tap on them one by one.

You’ll also probably find that over the course of the next few days, your numbers keep going down to a lower point than they are today. Be patient with yourself. Love yourself. Take care of yourself.

Keep tapping. Release all of the pressure you’ve had. Be perfect and have everything go just perfectly in your life. Life is imperfect. We are imperfect. Relaxing and allowing ourselves to be that way is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.


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