Tapping Script: For French Fries

Before Having Those French Fries

This is a simple tapping script where we’ll tap only on the physical craving for French fries themselves. We won’t be tapping on emotional events.

If you have any emotional events around eating French fries, I recommend you use one of the other tapping scripts in Weeks 1 and 2, such as the script for bread and baked goods or the script for ice cream and desserts, and focus on emotional events in addition to using this French fry script.

We’ll begin by tapping our karate-chop point and imagining a delicious bowl of French fries. What’s your degree of craving on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the most possible craving and 0 being no craving at all? Write down your number.

Keep tapping your karate-chop point and repeat after me.

KC: Even though I’m craving those French fries, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I so want to eat those French fries, I totally accept myself. I vividly imagine the sight, the smell, the feel in my mouth and the taste of French fries, and I completely accept me.

EB: Smell those French fries. Taste those French fries. Texture of those French fries.

SE: Smell, taste, texture, French fries.

UE: Crave those French fries.

UN: Really want those French fries.

CH: I will always want those French fries.

CB: I will always crave French fries.

UA: I can’t stop eating French fries.

KC: When there are French fries around I have no restraint, and I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB: I have no restraint.

SE: This craving will get worse.

UE: I’ll keep getting fatter and fatter.

UN: Eating more and more French fries.

CH: Just can’t stop.

CB: One French fry is not enough.

UA: Must eat all the French fries.

KC: Can’t resist those French fries, and I am still me whether this craving gets stronger or whether it gets weaker. I am at choice. I am never at choice. I am always at choice. The French fries are stronger than me. I am stronger than the French fries. Whether I eat them or not, I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB: Taste of the French fries.

SE: Texture of the French fries.

UE: Smell of the French fries.

UN: Eating the French fries.

CH: Eating one of the French fries.

CB: Eating all of the French fries.

UA: Eating some of the French fries.

KC: French fries. How they look, how they look, how they taste and the texture of the French fries.

EB: Strong craving for French fries.

SE: No craving for French fries.

UE: Choice of French fries.

UN: Or no French fries.

CH: French fries.

CB: No French fries.

UA: I am always at choice.

KC: I am always at choice. I am me with or without French fries, and I choose to release this craving now.

Take a deep breath. Think again about French fries. Vividly imagine them and rate your craving again on that scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no craving and 10 being the maximum possible craving.

What number are you? The chances are you’ve gone way down from a high number to a low number. Write your number down. Remember, you can tap whenever you need to to reduce your cravings for French fries or any other food.


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