Tapping Script: For Sweets and Candy Bars

Before Having Those Sweets

This is a simple tapping script for sweets and candy. We’ll focus here on the taste, texture, and craving for the candy or sweets, rather than the emotional events that might be attached to them.

If you have emotional events, use one of the other tapping scripts that addresses emotional events, like the bread tapping script or the ice cream and dessert tapping script. Those will guide you to tapping away all of the emotional associations with the food, as well as craving the food itself. We’re on to tapping for sweets and candy.

If you have your favorite candy bar ready, or your favorite sweets, go ahead and pick them up. Open one up. Smell it. Don’t taste it just yet, but rate your craving on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no craving and 10 being the maximum possible craving. Write down your number. Now tap on your karate-chop point and say these words aloud after me.

KC: Even though I crave this candy, I deeply and completely accept myself. I might always crave this candy. This craving might get worse. This craving might always be with me, and I still deeply and completely accept myself.

EB: I am vividly imagining this candy.

SE: Sight of this candy. Color of this candy. Smell of this candy. Taste of this candy. The way this candy feels in my mouth.

UE: That candy looks so good, smells so good, tastes so good, and feels so good in my mouth.

UN: This craving is getting stronger. This craving is getting weaker.

CH: This craving is stronger than me. This craving is not stronger than me.

CB: I will never release this craving. I have now released this craving.

UA: This craving is now gone.

KC: This craving is never gone. I’ve always had this craving. I always will have this craving. I release this craving now. It is completely gone. It has served me well, but I don’t need it anymore. I have much better ways of taking care of myself than this craving. I release this craving now.

EB: Can I release this craving now?

SE: Maybe I can release this craving now.

UE: I can definitely release this craving now.

UN: I have already released this craving.

CH: I don’t crave this at all.

CB: Maybe just a little bit.

UA: Maybe not at all.

KC: I am at choice. I can choose to eat this and to not eat this. Either way, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Now take a deep breath and rate your degree of craving again. If it’s a low number, like a 0, 1 or 2, that’s great. If it’s a high number, like a 9 or 10, love and accept yourself anyway and keep on doing the work.


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