Tapping Script: “I’m Embarrassed to Eat”

Before Eating

Step 1

Truth Statement (Read aloud and rate how true 0 to 10):

  • I’m embarrassed to eat

Step 2

Set Up Phrase (Read aloud three times while tapping on side of the hand):

  • Even though I’m embarrassed to eat I love and accept myself.

Step 3

Read the following phrases aloud while tapping on the prescribed spot with your dominant hand:

  • Even though I want to eat quickly so nobody sees me eating, I completely and deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I’m embarrassed to eat when I’m still overweight, I completely and deeply love and accept.
  • Even though I just want to get this overwith, I completely and deeply love and accept myself.
  • I shouldn’t be eating this.
  • I’m overweight, I shouldn’t eat anything.
  • I should not have another bite until I’m thin.
  • It’s embarrassing to eat.
  • I feel guilty eating because I’m not perfect yet.
  • If I am going to eat, I should do it quickly.
  • Then I’m not embarrassed for that long.
  • And other people don’t’ realize that I actually eat.
  • I don’t’ want them to know that I eat.
  • Because then it will be my fault for being overweight.
  • I want it to look like I barely eat anything and being overweight is not my fault.
  • So I want to eat this very quickly.
  • Then these feelings will stop.
  • I just want to wolf this down.
  • It makes sense, lots of people do it.
  • Eat very quickly.
  • I understand why I do it.
  • But I wonder if there is another way.
  • Eating it really fast doesn’t mean I eat less.
  • In fact, maybe I eat more that way.
  • Maybe there is another way of looking at this.
  • That just maybe I could eat my food and allow myself to enjoy it too.
  • That maybe I deserve to enjoy my food.
  • That I deserve to have enjoyment in my life, even if I’m overweight at the moment.
  • Just because I’m overweight doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to taste my food.
  • I do deserve to enjoy my food.
  • And my food deserves to be enjoyed.
  • Food is a gift and it is meant to be enjoyed.
  • Otherwise it could have been made all the same taste.
  • But we are given the gift of all these flavors and smells and textures.
  • So that we can fully enjoy it.
  • And I release any guilt I feel about enjoying food.
  • I release any shame about eating and enjoying food.
  • It would be a shame to NOT enjoy the food.
  • I am honoring this food and the energy and resources behind it by taking my time to enjoy it.
  • I feel so grateful that I have this food before me and have the opportunity to enjoy it.
  • I feel great about enjoying this food.
  • I enjoy eating consciously and eating this food.
  • I choose to enjoy my food and savor it.
  • I choose to allow myself to enjoy my food and savor it.
  • To allow this nice thing in my life.To allow it as one of the many nice things in my life.

(take a deep breath)

Step 4

  • Truth Statement (Read aloud and re-rate how true 0 to 10): I’m embarrassed to eat.
  • If the statement is still true to some level, return to Step 2.


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