Tapping Script: After the Binge

Loving and forgiving yourself after you have made the inevitable slip

We are all imperfect human beings. Maybe you really stuck to your diet for a while. Maybe you stuck closely to the advice in this program for a while, but at some point maybe you were bored. Maybe it was too hard. For whatever reason, you fell off the wagon. You went on a binge. You ate too much. You drank too much. You ate the wrong things. You engaged in behaviors you knew you shouldn’t be doing.

The purpose of this tapping script is to love and forgive ourselves after we have made the inevitable slip. You will slip, but it’s not how often you fall down that counts. It’s how often you get up again. Let’s love and forgive ourselves. Let’s quit punishing ourselves. Let’s carry on with our program.

First of all, think back to a time when you went on a really strong, severe binge. Maybe you fell off the wagon and binged for a day and then felt so bad about it that you kept on binging for another two or three days. You felt as though you’d already busted your diet, so you kept busting your diet some more.

That’s okay. The goal here is to vividly imagine the mental and emotional state you were in when you binged for a while. Remember back to that time. Give yourself a number on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being no emotional intensity as you remember the binge and 10 being the maximum possible emotional intensity. Write down your number.

Now tap your karate chop point and say this.

KC:     Even though I binged, I totally accept myself. I broke my promise to myself, and I binged. I still completely accept myself, binge and all. Even though I binged, I deeply accept myself.

EB:      I broke my promise to myself.

SE:      I broke my promise to my body.

UE:     I broke my commitment to staying with the program.

UN:     I blew it.

CH:     I really blew it.

CB:     I completely blew it.

UA:      I did not keep my agreement to myself.

KC:     And I completely forgive myself.

EB:      I’m wallowing in self-pity. How could I have done this thing?

SE:      How could I have binged?

UE:     I know better than that.

UN:     I’m a better person that that.

CH:     I can do better than that.

CB:     And I didn’t.

UA:      I had a huge binge.

KC:     And now I’m paying the price. My body is paying the price, and my mind is paying the price in self-disgust and self-loathing. I still totally accept myself. Nobody is perfect.

EB:      I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. I should be perfect.

SE:      Everyone should be perfect. The world should be perfect.

UE:     But it’s not. People make mistakes.

UN:     I made a mistake. I’ve made lots of mistakes.

CH:     Everyone’s made lots of mistakes.

CB:     There is not a person alive who has not made lots of mistakes.

UA:      Including me.

KC:     Even though I went on that binge and I destroyed my diet, I fell off the wagon, I ate all the things I knew not to eat, and I couldn’t stop myself, I completely accept myself.

EB:      I’m out of control. My eating is out of control.

SE:      My eating always will be out of control.

UE:     People are out of control.

UN:     I am out of control.

CH:     The world is out of control.

CB:     Everything is out of control.

UA:      I am out of control.

KC:     My eating is so out of control. I can control it for a little while. Then I slip, and I binge. I feel terrible about myself.

EB:      But I carry on because I can.

SE:      I do most of the time.

UE:     I do great most of the time.

UN:     And I pick myself up when I fall down.

CH:     Nobody’s perfect.

CB:     I pick myself up when I fall down.

UA:      I do fall down sometimes.

KC:     But I still always pick myself up when I fall down.

EB:      I’ve picked myself up for a long time.

SE:      This is just one more time.

UE:     Where I pick myself up again.

UN:     I’m not perfect.

CH:     Nobody is perfect.

CB:     I love and accept myself.

UA:      Just the way I am.

KC:     Even with this binge. Even if I binge sometimes, I stay on course most of the time, and I love and accept myself fully and completely even when I binge.

Take a breath. Now tune back into your number. Chances are that it’s gone way down from a high number to a low number. If not, rewind this audio track and tap along with it again. You may have to tap along for events in the past when you did binge, memories you have of bingeing and also self-talk around how bad you are for bingeing. Tap on all of those things, and you will find bit by bit, gradually, that all that self-disgust and negative talk will be replaced by love and self-appreciation.


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