Tapping Script: People Will Expect More From Me

Working With The Anxiety That People Might Expect More


This is a common fear that holds us back. If we solve our problems, if we lost all of that weight, then we wouldn’t have the excuse we have now for not meeting people’s expectations.

If we lose the weight, then we might be afraid we’d have to meet a much higher level of expectations. Let’s tap now for this fear and any childhood events that are possibly linked to this fear.

I’d like you to think about the concept that people might expect a lot more from you if you lose that weight. Think back to a time in your childhood when you were faced with a really high level of expectation that you just couldn’t meet.

Maybe you were going to be competing in an athletic event or were going to be expected to do something in school that was really hard or around the house with family that was a challenge you just couldn’t meet.

Think about the event and now give the event a rating on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being no emotional intensity and 10 being the maximum possible emotional intensity. Feel where in your body you feel the intensity.

Now start tapping. Tap your karate chop point and say this after me.

KC:     Even though I had this event in which it was so hard to meet people’s expectations, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I disappointed people, I completely accept myself. I disappointed people in the past. I might disappoint people in the future, and I still fully and completely accept myself.

EB:      Disappointing people. Disappointing everyone.

SE:      Disappointing myself. Disappointing everyone.

UE:     Being a disappointment. Being a big, fat disappointment.

UN:     I am a big, fat disappointment.

CH:     To myself and everyone else in the whole wide world.

CB:     I am a disappointment now. I always have been, and I always will be.

UA:      I am a disappointment.

KC:     I am always disappointing everybody, especially myself.

EB:      No, I’m not. I do a lot of things well.

SE:      I do most things well.

UE:     I am me. I do many things very well.

UN:     I don’t do everything well.

CH:     Nobody does everything well.

CB:     Nobody is perfect.

UA:      I’m not perfect.

KC:     I’ve been expecting myself to be perfect. I’ve been putting all of this pressure on myself to be perfect, and it is completely unrealistic.

EB:      What will people expect of me if I’m thin?

SE:      They’ll expect too much from me if I’m thin.

UE:     Being thin means having to meet everyone else’s expectations.

UN:     I just can’t do that.

CH:     Nobody can do that.

CB:     It’s unrealistic to do that.

UA:      I’m placing all of these unrealistic expectations on myself.

KC:     I deeply and completely accept my imperfect self.

Whether I’m fat, whether I’m thin, whether I’m someplace in between, I deeply accept myself and I acknowledge that I cannot meet everyone else’s expectations, and I can’t meet my expectations much of the time. I let myself off the hook. I let myself have my perfect life at my perfect weight, and I release the pressure off of myself. It’s okay for me to be me, however I am at whatever weight I am.

Keep tapping and take a deep breath. Tune back into that event you may have had when you were a child when you failed to meet someone’s expectations.

Chances are your number has gone way down. If not, rewind the audio and start again at the beginning. Tap through as many rounds of EFT as needed to feel really good about yourself and have your number around meeting the expectations of others go down to a 0.

You do deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel good at any weight, and there’s no reason you have to be perfect or meet the expectations of anybody, other than being exactly the way you want to be.


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