Tapping Script: Resistance to Exercise

For Help With Resistance To Exercise

Think about that morning when maybe you had planned to go to the job, but your alarm clock went off, you hit snooze, you felt drowsy, the sheets were so comfortable, and you just went back to sleep. You planned to go, but you didn’t follow through. You aren’t alone. I’ve done that. We’ve all done that. We all feel resistance to exercise at one point or another, so let’s do some tapping around the feelings, concepts, beliefs and all the experiences that hold us back from enjoying exercise.

First of all, imagine going to the gym and doing a really hard, intense workout routine. Feel the resistance rising in your body. Feel where the resistance is. Now give the resistance a number from 0 to 10, with 0 being no resistance at all to 10 being the maximum possible resistance. Write down your number, and let’s do some tapping.

Start with the karate chop point. Tap and say this after me out loud.

KC: Even though I feel all this resistance to exercise, I deeply and completely accept myself. I resist exercise, and I still love and accept myself.

EB: Even though I resist exercise, I still accept myself.

SE: All this resistance, and I accept myself.

UE: I’m just too tired to exercise.

UN: It’s so tiring to exercise.

CH: Way too tiring to exercise.

CB: I don’t have enough time.

UA: I never have enough time.

KC: There is just never enough time to exercise. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t make time to exercise.

EB: There’s never enough time.

SE: It’s just too hard.

UE: I’m just too tired.

UN: It’s just too far away.

CH: It just takes too much effort.

CB: It takes too much energy.

UA: Can’t do it.

KC: Way too tired.

EB: Way too resistant.

SE: Too much effort.

UE: Never enough time.

UN: Never going to happen.

CH: Too much work.

CB: All these arguments against exercise.

UA: All this resistance to exercise.

KC: I still fully and completely accept myself. I could love exercise.

EB: Or maybe not.

SE: I may never love exercise.

UE: And I accept myself.

UN: Loving exercise.

CH: Hating exercise.

CB: Loving exercise.

UA: Hating exercise.

KC: Loving exercise or hating exercise. Either way, I completely accept myself.

EB: I could learn to love exercise.

SE: It feels so good.

UE: To feel the juice of life pouring through my body.

UN: To feel that energy flowing through my veins.

CH: To feel my body coming alive as I exercise.

CB: It feels so good.

UA: I don’t want to deprive myself.

KC: Of that delicious feeling I get from a great workout.

EB: I feel so good.

SE: Even though I’m tired.

UE: Even though there’s never enough time.

UN: Even though it’s such a long drive.

CH: I still give myself the gift of exercise.

CB: I love exercise.

UA: Not always.

KC: But sometimes. Whatever useful function my resistance to exercise has served in my life, I don’t need that resistance now.

EB: I am a new person.

SE: A new me with new goals, a new body, new cells.

UE: New intentions, new resolution, new energy levels.

UN: New eating habits.

CH: New me.

CB: New relationship to my body.

UA: New relationship to exercise.

KC: Even though this habit of resisting exercise might have served me so well in the past, I’m ready to let it go now.

EB: I let this go now.

SE: I let this go completely.

UE: I love exercise.

UN: Exercise loves me.

CH: My body loves exercise.

CB: My body feels so good with exercise.

UA: Exercise, my body.

KC: I deeply and completely accept myself, and I am ready to embrace a life of easy, effortless and joyful exercise.

Wow. Didn’t that feel good? Go ahead and rate your new number. Imagine going and taking a walk, going to the gym or doing something to exercise your body. Now get your new number. If you were an 8 or 9 to resisting exercise before, what are you now? Maybe you’re a 1 or 2. You’ve probably gone way down.

Go ahead and tap whenever you feel that resistance, and you will find you will shift. When I began this recording, I was supposed to go out and take a walk. It’s a beautiful day outside after a lot of rain, and I wasn’t doing it. Now I can’t wait to go outside there, take that walk and exercise my body.

Please tap away that resistance and give yourself and your beautiful body the exercise it needs.


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