Week 2: Drop Carbs & Sugar

Welcome To Week 2!


Wasn’t Week 1 a revelation? Weren’t you surprised how effective that Tapping Plan for Weight Loss was in helping you get control of your eating, after you’d printed out those 10 copies and pasted them all over your life? As you tapped, you found your behavior changing. No willpower or sweat required. Yes, change can be easy!

You measured your degree of craving before and after the audio Tapping Scripts you listened to, and your numbers probably went way down. Amazing? Get used to it! EFT is just that effective.

As great as your results were, it gets even better in Week 2 of the Naturally Thin You.  This week our theme is Cutting Sugar and Carbs. Registered dietitian Karen Donaldson is going to review with you the havoc that sugar and carbs wreak with your brain chemistry and how your body stores fat!. Though they are so bad for you, there are biochemical loops in your body’s chemistry that keep you hooked to them, just like a drug addict. Karen has the most marvelously simple yet clear explanation of this addictive process I have ever read.

Once you understand the cycle, you’ll also understand how to break it. Karen and I will show you how to tap for releasing those cravings. My goal this week is to free you from the hypnotic spell these metabolic killers exert over you.

I also have more Tapping Scripts for you. These are for Bread, Cake and Baked Goods, for French Fries, for Sweets and Candy Bars, and for Eating Mindlessly. Please download the audio versions onto your mobile device and/or print out the written transcripts. You can read the transcripts and tap along, or you can listen to them. Either method is effective. You can even record the Scripts using your own voice.

Now that you’ve used the Tapping Plan for Weight Loss for 7 days, pasting copies where you can’t possibly miss them, tapping is becoming part of your daily routine. Keep looking at those printouts it as you move forward with Week 2 and subsequent weeks.

Listen to Karen’s audio coaching session this week, and tap along with her clients. Even though their stories are a little different from yours, you’ll discover that your degree of emotional triggering goes down along with them.

This course is only as effective as the use you make of it. I’m committed to your success, and I want you to be as intent on our weight loss as I am! I’m going to send you a Support Letter every few days, and encourage you to pay attention to a particular part of the course. Please log on and complete the assignments. Don’t forget you need to log in each time; if you’ve lost your password, just email us and we’ll send a new one to the email address you used to register for the course.

In Weeks 3 and 4 we also offer you some delicious bonuses. These include audio downloads and PDFs. They will inspire you and support your progress.

Your #1 supporter on your weight loss journey,



EFT for Weight Loss Chapter 2

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