Tapping Script: I Will Sabotage Myself Again In the Future

Working For Anxiety That You Will Sabotage Yourself in the Future

Most of us have a long history of self-sabotage, and we might be doing great on the program so far but have a fear that in the future we will find a way of undoing all the progress we’ve made. We might have taken two steps forward, but we might be afraid of taking one step back. We might even be taking three steps back and undoing every bit of positive momentum and all the results we’ve gained in this program so far.

Let’s do some tapping to address this fear. Think about that possibility of backsliding, of going back to the way you were before, of making all this progress and then sabotaging yourself just like you’ve done so many times in the past. You will do in the future what you’ve done in the past.

Feel the fear and write down your number with 10 being the maximum possible fear of future self-sabotage and 0 being no fear whatsoever of future self-sabotage. Write down your number, and then start tapping on your karate chop point. Say this out loud with me.

KC:     Even though I have sabotaged myself in the past, and I will certainly sabotage myself in the future, I completely accept myself. I accept myself being the self-sabotaging person I am.

EB:      I will certainly sabotage myself in the future.

SE:      Just the way I’ve sabotaged myself in the past.

UE:     It’s inevitable.

UN:     I always do it.

CH:     I’ve always sabotaged myself in the past.

CB:     And I will certainly sabotage myself in the future.

UA:      I will undo all the good I’ve done up to this point.

KC:     I am an expert at self-sabotage. I always have been. I always will be, and I will sabotage all the progress I’ve made at some point in the future. Even though I know I will sabotage myself and undo all of my forward momentum, I still completely accept self-sabotaging me.

EB:      I will definitely sabotage myself.

SE:      Or maybe I won’t.

UE:     I’ve learned a thing or two.

UN:     I’m a different person.

CH:     I’m very different from the way I was just a few weeks ago.

CB:     I know a lot more, and I have skills and tools.

UA:      That I didn’t have back then.

KC:     I can create my future better than my past.

EB:      No, I can’t. I’m still the same old person.

SE:      Same as I was in the past.

UE:     I’ll be that way in the future.

UN:     And I’ll sabotage my future.

CH:     Just the way I sabotaged my past.

CB:     I am so good at self-sabotage.

UA:      I will do it again in the future.

KC:     And all the energy I’ve put into this program will have been wasted. All the money, all the time, all the deprivation, all the willpower, all the tapping, all the progress will be for nothing.

EB:      It will all go away.

SE:      It will all slip through my fingers.

UE:     It will all have been for nothing.

UN:     I’ll have wasted all this time, energy, money, effort.

CH:     This is never going to work.

CB:     I’ve sabotaged myself in the future.

UA:      And I’ll sabotage my future again.

KC:     I’m different now. I’m a wiser person. I have new tools. I have a support system. I’ve shown myself that things can be different for me.

EB:      And there is no reason for me to sabotage my future the way I’ve sabotaged my past.

SE:      I release this fear now.

UE:     I fully release this fear now.

UN:     I release all fear of future self-sabotage.

CH:     Now and forever.

CB:     I may fall down.

UA:      But I will get up again.

KC:     Fear of future self-sabotage, but I am still me. I am still this wonderful human being with all these strengths and tools, and I fully and completely accept myself.

Didn’t that feel good? Now take a deep breath. Tap back into that fear of self-sabotage. The chances are that it’s gone way down or gone away. If not, just rewind the audio and tap again two or three times until all of those feelings of fear of self-sabotage are gone.


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