Tapping Script: I Don’t Deserve to Get My Needs Met

Working For Anxiety That You Don’t Deserve Good Things

Most of us when we were children didn’t get things we wanted. Perhaps we wanted love and attention from our parents, and it was less than we would have liked. Perhaps we wanted recognition from our peers in school, and that was not forthcoming. Perhaps we wanted grades or sporting accomplishments, and we just didn’t make the cut.

Whatever it was, various experiences occurred during our childhoods that left us with a pervasive legacy of the belief that we don’t get what we want, and we don’t deserve those things anyway. This tapping script will help us remove those beliefs and counteract them, implanting positive healthy beliefs in their place and tapping away the emotional intensity from our old negative ideas.

First of all, I’d like you to imagine an event that happened when you were a child that really drove home the belief for you that you don’t deserve. Think back to an event and vividly imagine it. Remember all the sights, sounds, smells, words, feelings and experiences you felt. While you’re imagining that thing, I’d like you to rate your level of emotional triggering on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being no emotional triggering and 10 being the maximum possible emotional triggering.

You have your number. Write the number down, and let’s start tapping. Start by tapping on your karate chop point.

KC:     Even though I don’t deserve, I fully and completely accept myself. Even though the event happened that convinced me I don’t deserve, I fully and completely accept myself anyway. The event happened. It felt bad, and I still accept myself.

EB:      I don’t deserve.

SE:      I don’t deserve.

UE:     To get what I want.

UN:     Don’t deserve the love.

CH:     Don’t deserve the attention.

CB:     Don’t deserve the money.

UA:      Don’t deserve anything I want.

KC:     Don’t even deserve to be alive.

EB:      I don’t deserve to be alive.

SE:      Even my life is a burden to other people.

UE:     I don’t even deserve to be alive.

UN:     Never have deserved.

CH:     Never will deserve.

CB:     Cannot possibly deserve.

UA:      Anything at all.

KC:     And I fully and completely accept myself even though I don’t deserve.

EB:      I remember the event that told me I don’t deserve.

SE:      Vividly imagine the event, all the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, intensity of the event.

UE:     That told me I don’t deserve.

UN:     The event.

CH:     It happened to me.

CB:     When I was a child.

UA:      That event.

KC:     It happened to me. It should never have happened. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t good, but it did happen. Even though the event happened, I fully and completely accept myself. Right now not deserving, I still fully and completely accept myself with that event.

EB:      The event was in my past.

SE:      And now is now.

UE:     Then was then.

UN:     Now is now.

CH:     I am me.

CB:     And I survived.

UA:      That event and many others.

KC:     Don’t deserve, and I still fully and completely accept myself.

Now take a breath. Tune back into your feelings. Recall the event and see what your number is. It’s probably gone down a lot. Write down your new number.

Chances are that there is more than one event that happened in your life that made you feel like you don’t deserve, probably many. Maybe it’s hundreds. Go ahead and replay the audio, pick another one, and tap on each bad event that left you with a feeling of not deserving until you’ve tapped them all down to zero or a low number.

If there are many, this may take a while, but it is so worth giving yourself freedom from that old pattern of feeling that I don’t deserve and claiming your right to receive good things, whether it’s being thin, having money, having friends, having a healthy body or having attention and love from others. You do deserve all of those things.

Let’s do one more round of tapping to affirm that possibility.

KC:     Even though bad things happen, I deserve.

EB:      Bad things happened in my past.

SE:      And I still deserve.

UE:     I have as much right as any human being.

UN:     To love, to money, to support, to attention.

CH:     I have a right to be here.

CB:     I am a child of the universe, and I have a right to be here.

UA:      I have as much right to be here as any other human being.

KC:     I have every right to be here. I love and accept myself just the way I am with those bad experiences and just the way I am not. I deserve.

EB:      I deserve.

SE:      I am so fully deserving.

UE:     I deserve my own support and my own love.

UN:     I deserve my own attention.

CH:     I deserve to be thin.

CB:     I deserve the body I want.

UA:      I deserve the love I want.

KC:     I deserve. Despite the things that happened in my past, I now give myself the gift of acceptance I didn’t always get when I was a child.

EB:      The gift of acceptance I give myself.

SE:      I now give myself the gift of acceptance.

UE:     I am powerful. I give it to myself now.

UN:     I am an adult. I am powerful.

CH:     And give myself the gift of acceptance now.

Take a breath. Now tap again into the feeling of not deserving and the event, and see what your new number is.

The chances are that you feel like a heavy load has been lifted from your shoulders. You feel much better about yourself and about the world and that maybe there’s a chance that you do deserve love, thinness, healthy, vitality and material security.


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