Tapping Script: For “I Eat Mindlessly”

Before Eating

Most of us at one time or another wake up like from a dream after a meal and can’t recall the taste of anything we ate. That’s mindless eating. Let’s do some tapping now on being mindful while eating. Start with the karate chop point.

KC: Even though I sometimes eat mindlessly, I totally and completely accept myself. Even though I don’t always eat mindfully, I totally and completely accept myself.

EB: Eating mindfully, eating mindlessly.

SE: I gulp my food down. I don’t even remember what I ate.

UE: I’m not enjoying my food. I’m just eating mindlessly.

UN: And I still accept myself.

CH: I can learn to eat mindfully.

CB: I can learn to savor each bite I take.

UA: Sometimes I eat mindlessly.

KC: I get to the end of a meal and I don’t even know what I ate or how much I ate, and I still completely accept myself.

EB: Sometimes I just eat.

SE: Forget to savor my food, eat too quickly.

UE: Swallow my food without chewing it.

UN: Eat mindlessly.

CH: Eat too quickly.

CB: I’m always at choice.

UA: I can eat mindfully.

KC: Whenever I choose, and I totally forgive myself for every mindless bite I’ve taken my whole life long. I choose to eat mindfully.

EB: I choose to eat consciously.

SE: I choose to be aware of my food.

UE: I choose to savor my food.

UN: I choose to eat slowly.

CH: I choose to eat mindfully.

CB: I choose to really experience my food.

UA: I choose to release mindless eating.

KC: I choose to release all criticism of myself for my mindless eating. Whether or not I release my habits, I fully and completely accept myself.

Take a breath. If you had a high number before and you were full of accusation, self-blame and self-criticism around eating mindlessly, the chances are you’ve shifted and come down to a much lower number.

Whenever you’re about to eat, just tap for a few moments. Remind yourself to eat mindfully. This is wonderful food here to nourish you and take care of your body. You deserve the experience of savoring it and enjoying it even as you love yourself.


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