Tapping Script: I Still Won’t Get Attention From Men

Working With The Anxiety That You May Not Get More Attention From Men

This tapping script is to cover the fear that even after you’ve done all of this work to lose weight and look good, nothing will change in your life. You won’t be more attractive to members of the opposite sex. You won’t do any better in your other endeavors. What if you go to all of this trouble to lose all of this weight and nobody gives you good feedback for having done that?

Even though we’re going to use the word “men” in this tapping script, if you’re a man going through the program, feel free to substitute any other word you like in place of “men” to represent whoever it is you’d like to get attention from and might not.

Now take a deep breath and imagine now being your ideal weight. Really picture yourself vividly at that ideal weight. Now imagine nobody noticing. You’re at work, walking through a shopping center or at a parade or party, and nobody treats you any differently now that you’re skinny.

Notice how you feel in your body and any discomfort you feel. Then write down your number from 0 to 10 based on the intensity of that feeling, 0 being no intensity and 10 being the most possible upset, anger or other strong emotion. Write down your number and imagine the scene. Now let’s do some tapping together for that scenario.

KC:     Even though I’ve gone to all of this trouble and put in all of this work to get skinny, and nobody notices or cares, I still deeply and completely accept myself. I put in all of this effort, energy, time and money, and nobody even notices that I’m skinny now.

EB:      No one in my family notices. No one at work notices. Nobody at parties notices. Nobody at events notices.

SE:      Nobody notices anyplace I go

UE:     that I’m skinny now.

UN:     Even though I’ve done all of this work

CH:     to get skinny

CB:     it was all for nothing because nobody notices or cares.

UE:     Nobody cares about me.

KC:     Nobody notices me. I’m not important. Even though I’m not important, I’m not seen, I am not heard. I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though no one notices, I still deeply and completely accept myself.

EB:      I am skinny. No one sees.

SE:      I’m skinny. No one compliments me.

UE:     I am skinny. No one says anything.

UN:     I am skinny. They just don’t care.

CH:     Nobody hears me. Nobody sees me.

CB:     Nobody cares about me. Nobody notices all the work and all the effort.

UA:      They don’t care about me.

KC:     They don’t notice me. I still love and accept myself.

EB:      Because I’m still me.

SE:      I am still a fantastic person.

UE:     I notice. I love me.

UN:     I know all the work it’s taken.

CH:     To get skinny. I admire myself for that.

CB:     I know even if no one else knows.

UA:      How much work it took.

KC:     To get to where I am today. I notice me. I accept me fully and completely even if nobody else does.

Take a deep breath. Now tune back into your feelings of being ignored even after you’ve lost all that weight. Say you’re at an event. You’ve lost weight. Nobody notices. How do you feel now in your body? You’re still the same number, six or seven or an eight or a nine or perhaps even a 10 but how do you feel now perhaps to a three or a two or a one, maybe even a zero?

Write down that new number. Keep on tapping on this worry until it goes down to a zero or perhaps a one or a two. It might take you a few rounds of tapping. You may have to rely on the audio and tap along several times more. Whatever it takes, love yourself enough to give yourself credit for your huge accomplishment to get to your goal weight.

Let your own self-love fill the void where you’re seeking love from others to fill.


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