Tapping Script: Salty Food

Before Having Those Salty “Snacks”

Imagine your favorite salty food. If you have some handy, go ahead and take a piece of it. See how strong your craving to eat that salty food is right now. Use a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no craving and 10 being the maximum possible craving, and write down your number. Now tap along with me, starting on your karate-chop point, and say this out loud.

KC: Even though I crave this salty food, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I crave this salty food, name the food, I deeply and completely accept myself. I crave this salty food, and I am still me.

EB: This salty food. The taste of this salty food. The touch of this salty food.

SE: The texture of this salty food.

UE: The pleasure of this salty food.

UN: The way it feels in my mouth.

CH: The way it feels on my tongue.

CB: The way it feels in my mouth.

UA: The sound it makes when I eat it.

KC: I’ve always had this craving for this food. I may always have this craving for this food, and I accept myself with or without this craving. I am still me. I am still a great person, whether this craving gets worse, whether this craving gets better or whether this craving goes away completely.

EB: I might even feel repelled by this food,

SE: after the craving goes away.

UE: I’ll always crave this food.

UN: I’ll never crave this food again.

CH: This craving gets worse.

CB: This craving gets better.

UA: This craving never goes away.

KC: This craving is gone now. Who would I be without this craving? Who am I without this craving?

EB: Whatever use this craving had in my life, I release that now,

SE: fully and completely.

UE: I thank that craving for having helped me up to this point in my life,

UN: but I don’t need it anymore.

CH: I am grateful I had this craving,

CB: but I don’t need it anymore.

UA: This craving

KC: gets better or gets worse. Either way, I fully and completely accept myself.

Now take a nice, deep breath. Tune back into that food and reassess your degree of craving for it. Your number has probably gone down quite a lot.

If your number is still high, think back to childhood events that involve the food. Maybe you used to eat that salty food on family picnics. Maybe you’d eat that food with friends. Maybe there was a special person in your life who liked that food and introduced you to that food.

Whatever the emotional events around that food, tap on them one by one. You’re very likely to find that the craving goes away.


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