Week 1: Cravings, Goals, and Emotional Eating


The 7 Habits of Permanent Weight Loss You’re About to Learn!

Below you’ll read the Introduction to my book EFT for Weight Loss. You’re going to be inspired and amazed by what you’ll learn there!

That’s because it contains the results of scientific studies that show what really works for weight loss.

Not just the temporary reductions we see in yoyo dieting (been there, done that – you too!) but long term results.

This is the critical science you need to know in order to succeed. 

Here’s how to enjoy the same long-term weight loss that thousands of people have experienced with Naturally Thin You. This week, take the following easy steps:

#1 – Read the Next Few Pages Carefully. They’ll set you up for success, just like the thousands of people who have already lost weight with Naturally Thin You. The Introduction to my book EFT for Weight Loss gives you the 7 secrets that science shows result in long-term weight loss.

#2 – Watch the Top Dog, Underdog Video. You’ll see the link to the left. We have had hundreds of people laugh, cry, and tell us that that particular video changed the game for them. It’s very brief, but it will show you how all your struggles with weight make sense when you understand how your subconscious mind works. 

If you haven’t yet watched my EFT tapping instructional video in the Quick Start Guide, do that now. It which teaches you the technique that’s the secret to long-term weight loss. You’ll be amazed at how quickly EFT can reduce your cravings, as you use it with the Tapping Scripts to release your desire for those fatal foods.

#3 – Tapping Plan for Weight Loss. This is a brilliant yet incredibly simple hack to keep you on track for the next week. Print out the PDF of your plan. Click on the link to your left for instructions. It will make you laugh every day – while you’re effortlessly staying on track to lose weight!

#4 – Download the Tap Along Audio Teleclass to your device, and listen to it at your leisure. 

#5 – Watch and Tap Along with the Emotional Eating Video in the Bonus section for Week 1. This will help you whenever you’re tempted to eat for any reason other than being hungry.

#6 – Use a Tapping Script for Any Problem Food. On the left you’ll see a list of Tapping Scripts. They make the tapping process easy. When you’re tempted by, for instance, chocolate, just use the Tapping Script for Chocolate, and you’ll feel your cravings melting away!


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