The Surprising Saga of the Inversion Table

Maintaining a healthy back has always been a priority for me, and one method I employ is the use of an inversion table.

These remarkable contraptions provide a comfortable experience as they secure your ankles and allow you to swing backward, suspending you in an upside-down position. Just five minutes of this daily routine can alleviate the pressure that weighs on your discs and vertebrae, offering much-needed relief.

As a core value of mine is a focus on sustainability and mindful consumption, I decided to search for a used inversion table instead of purchasing a new one. A browse through Craigslist led me to two promising options, both located in Santa Rosa, a city about half an hour away from Petaluma, the southernmost city in Sonoma County where I live with my wife.

Mind-to-Matter.jpgMy wife teaches an art class in Santa Rosa, so I saw an opportunity for her to pick up one of the tables being advertised. To my dismay, however, the owner of that table suddenly stopped responding to our emails. We encountered the same situation with the second table.

Then a thought struck me: “Wouldn’t it be fantastic to find an inversion table right here in Petaluma, saving us the hassle of a long drive?” When I returned to Craigslist, my hopes were dampened by the message that greeted me: “Few local results found,” and then even more distant options were offered.

A few days later, while perusing Craigslist once again, I stumbled upon an advertisement for an inversion table located in Petaluma, just as I’d hoped. Encouraged by this stroke of luck, I promptly reached out to the owner via email. To my astonishment, her address turned out to be just around the corner from our own residence.

But the remarkable coincidences didn’t end there. As we engaged in conversation, the owner revealed she had recently finished reading one of my books, Mind to Matter. At first, she thought it was a mere coincidence that a person named Dawson Church had contacted her. Imagine her amazement when I showed up at her doorstep, confirming I was indeed the author whose work she had just been reading

Instead of requesting money, the owner then expressed her preference for receiving books of mine in exchange for the inversion table. In a surprising twist, when she unlocked her phone to add my number, the most recent browser window displayed the homepage of Mind to Matter. It was an undeniable sign that our meeting was more than mere chance.

As it turns out, she, like my wife, is passionate about art. The two of them subsequently met and discussed their common interests, forging a bond that has led to regular get-togethers. It is truly remarkable how this small episode of synchronicity has brought new friendship in such an unexpected way.

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