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The Power of Surrender

Awakening in the dead of night, my body drenched in perspiration, I realized rest was eluding me. Tossing and turning, I snatched occasional moments of sleep, only to be jolted awake.

Glancing at the bedside clock, its illuminated numbers read 2:14 a.m. 

Earlier, I had awoken from a blissful dream, feeling content. But as often happens, a seed of fear took root and gradually grew until it consumed me, unleashing nightmares, followed by despair.

Rudely Awakened by WorryMy transformative training business was on the verge of launching our most significant promotion yet in terms of influence and reach. Through our partnership with Hay House, one of our programs was poised to reach approximately 10 million individuals. 

The focal point of this campaign was our 21-day tapping challenge, featuring both a free version along with a paid version. Our strategy entailed Hay House offering the free program, allowing a multitude of people to experience the benefits of effective stress reduction. Additionally, it would result in tens of thousands of new subscribers to our email list.

However, amidst the anticipation, I learned of an error. Hay House had been instructed to promote the paid version instead, significantly limiting the number of people who could access our work. As I thrashed about, drenched in perspiration, I fixated on the notion that we were squandering an unprecedented opportunity.

After hours of grappling with my restless mind, I decided to sit up in bed and engage in meditation. Opening myself to the universe, I communed with my higher power. Peace washed over me. Speaking to that higher power, I relinquished control, stating, “This is your company. This is your organization. You know my fervor for reaching people and my desire to maximize the impact of this work. I will remain tranquil, breathe, relax, and trust in your guidance.”

Meditation to the UniverseThe promotion commenced the following morning around 8 a.m. Around 10 a.m., I checked in with my team. To our astonishment, a far greater number of Hay House subscribers were opting for our program than anticipated for the paid version. Perplexed, we contacted the Hay House team to ascertain what had occurred. It transpired that they had made a “mistake”—they had mistakenly emailed promo for the free program instead of the paid program.

Tears welled in my eyes as I expressed gratitude to my higher power. Two mistakes had been made, and remarkably, they had offset one another. Filled with appreciation, I witnessed thousands upon thousands of individuals being introduced to the transformative practices of meditation and tapping.

I came to realize that my responsibility lies solely in doing my best. After giving my utmost effort, I can surrender and entrust the outcome to the benevolent universe. 

When we align our actions with the universe, the extraordinary can transpire. Even mistakes, even the aspects of our lives that seem to falter, can ultimately serve the greater good. 

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