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The Mind Can Change Molecules

Inside your day-to-day routine, a glass of water sits close at hand, to quench your thirst and nourish your body as desired. This simple act of hydration is essential for your well-being.

Yet there exists another hidden power within you, one that can be unveiled through the very substance that fills that glass.

Your first superpower is evident—the ability to alter molecules within your body. Consider the cascade of cortisol and adrenaline that materialize when you entertain stressful thoughts. If these persist and become a pattern, those neural pathways of stress etch themselves into the recesses of your mind. 

However, if you instead choose the path of meditation, prayer, love, kindness, and compassion, a marvelous reversal occurs. The regions of your brain associated with stress diminish in mass, gradually dismantling those well-worn pathways. It is clear how we shape the molecules within our bodies.

Discoveries of Molecules in our BodyYet there is less apparent yet equally profound truth at play too: our consciousness holds the capacity to transform molecules outside our very selves. Scientists have been unraveling this mystery through their fascinating experiments with water for over half a century.

In the 1960s, Bernard Grad, a pioneering researcher at McGill University, embarked on a remarkable journey to explore the effects of intention and energy on water. He divided a sample of water into two identical containers, bestowing a blessing upon one while leaving the other untouched. Grad then employed these distinct waters to nurture barley seeds. 

Astonishingly, the seeds watered with the blessed water exhibited greater vitality. They sprouted with a vigor unmatched by their counterparts, subsequently boasting notably taller stature, superior foliage, and heightened chlorophyll levels (Grad, 1963).

Further studies delved deeper yet, scrutinizing the molecular nature of water itself. Ordinarily, the bond angle between oxygen and hydrogen atoms stands at 104.5°. However, when subjected to the touch of Therapeutic Touch energy healers, the bonding angle underwent a remarkable shift, decreasing significantly (Schwartz et al., 2015).

These investigations merely scratch the surface of a vast body of research unveiling the profound influence of energy on matter. In the realm of Cymatics, a captivating domain of science, researchers examine the impact of sound on molecules. A tangible illustration of this phenomenon can be witnessed through the mesmerizing Chladni plate. This metal surface, adorned with scattered powder, reacts to various sound frequencies, orchestrating an exquisite dance as the powder molecules align themselves into intricate patterns.

Energy on MatterPrior to encountering these revelations, you may have believed that your negative thoughts solely harmed you. However, armed with this newfound understanding, you realize that your superpower extends far beyond personal boundaries. Your very attitude possesses the astonishing ability to reshape the molecular fabric of objects and living beings. 

As you traverse your day, consider this revelation and let your thoughts radiate kindness and benevolence toward all beings—plants and animals as well as people. Perhaps before partaking in that refreshing drink of water, you may even choose to infuse it with your blessings.

As you fully embrace this extraordinary truth, you’ll unveil the immense power that resides within you. The molecules of the world await your benevolent influence, ready to harmonize with the vibrations of your consciousness.

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