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Mind Changes Molecules Outside the Body

At this very moment, you probably have a glass of water nearby. You know that drinking water is good for you, so you drink your eight glasses per day.

What you likely don’t know is that you have another superpower and it can be demonstrated with water.

Your first superpower, changing molecules inside your body, is obvious to you. Think a stressful thought and you magically create molecules such as cortisol and adrenaline. Think more stressful thoughts, and think them regularly, and you create the neural pathways of stress in your brain. 

Meditate, pray, love, act kindly, and feel compassion and the process goes into reverse. You increase the mass of those parts of your brain, and within three weeks, the stress pathways begin to degrade. It’s easy to see how we’re changing molecules inside our bodies.

Growth MindsetWhat’s harder to perceive, but equally true, is that our consciousness is able to change certain molecules outside our bodies. Scientists have been demonstrating this with water for over 50 years.

Starting in the 1960s, a pioneering researcher at McGill University named Bernard Grad examined the effects of intention and energy using water. He took a sample of water and placed it in two identical containers. One was blessed by an energy healer and the other was not. He then took barley seeds and watered one batch with blessed water and the other with the unblessed water. 

The frequency of sound passed through a Chladni plate produces different patterns—from the top left, 305 Hz, 5065 Hz, 2076 Hz, and 2277 Hz.

More of the seeds watered with the blessed water germinated. Those plants grew taller, with higher-quality leaves and more chlorophyll (Grad, 1963).

Later experiments measured the molecular quality of the water molecules themselves. Normally, the bond angle between the oxygen atom and the two hydrogen atoms is 104.5°. But after being treated by Therapeutic Touch energy healers, the bonding angle decreased (Schwartz et al., 2015).

There are many other studies showing the effects of energy on matter. There’s a whole field of science called Cymatics, which looks at the effect of sound on molecules. An easy way to visualize this is using an instrument called a Chladni plate. It’s a metal plate with powder scattered on top. When different sound frequencies are played through the plate, the powder molecules organize themselves in different patterns. 

You might have thought before reading this post that your negative thoughts hurt only you, but now you know that your superpower enables you to change the molecular structure of objects and living things merely by your attitude toward them. Think about that as you move through your day and send plants and people kind thoughts. You also might want to bless your water before you drink it!


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