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Some Anger Is Righteous

Within the vast storehouse of my memories, one event stands apart—a testament to the power of righteous anger and the rectifying force it can unleash

Many years have since passed, yet its lessons remain etched internally, a guiding light helping me navigate life’s labyrinth.

During my college years, I found myself drawn to the dramatic arts as part of the self-discovery process of higher education. Enrolling in a semester of drama, I stepped into a realm where creativity intertwined with vulnerability and close camaraderie often bloomed among my fellow thespians. 

Righteous AngerThere was one, however, whose sharp edge of sarcasm seemed to indicate he harbored some sort of aversion toward me, inexplicably. While his playful jests were juxtaposed with moments of fleeting friendship, Dan possessed a mastery of cutting unkindness, often targeting others with a cruel mocking that seemed to be further amplified in my presence, much to my bewilderment.

One day, our troupe set out on a journey away from our classroom. Within the confined space of an elevator, I encountered Dan, suddenly caught in this circumstance of proximity. He immediately started in, endeavoring to provoke a reaction from me in order to satiate his apparent appetite to wound. 

I pressed the button for the next floor and made a dash to escape when the doors opened. Scurrying down the final flights of stairs, I thought distance would deliver refuge. As fate would have it, however, the elevator doors slid open, revealing Dan in the company of a fellow student. His verbal attacks resumed anew, as if my brief absence had been but an intermission in this theater of his perverseness.

In that defining moment, weary from his weeks of relentless onslaught, my spirit broke through its restraining chains. Unleashing my tirade of righteous anger, I suddenly shoved Dan away with a force that sent him hurtling through the air—his body slamming against the concrete floor. But the fury that had erupted within me was not yet quenched. 

After being knocked backward myself by the intensity of my assault upon him, I swiftly regained my footing. Approaching Dan, I was consumed by a tidal wave of emotions bordering on violence. 

Then, in the midst of my rage, a benevolent hand intervened. The other student, a witness to this now-physical encounter, held me back, serving as a guiding force that mercifully jolted me awake, releasing me from the throes of blind fury. In that moment, as the dark haze lifted, I glimpsed the repercussions of my actions and clarity arrived.

Anger ManagementRighteous anger, a flame that burns within, possesses the potential for both destruction and transformation. It is a potent weapon, one that should be wielded with the utmost care and discernment. Boundaries must be established, a fortress erected to safeguard one’s spirit from assaults of negativity.

In that fateful confrontation, I had drawn a line in the sand—a resolute declaration that I would not be a canvas for Dan’s cruelty any longer. From that day forward, his  torment ceased, humbled (apparently) in the aftermath of confronting my righteous anger.

Yet, upon reflection, I recognize the fragility that lies beneath the facade of anger. Often, our outbursts stem from wounds of old, triggered by past scars. It is during those moments that we must take a step back, inhale the calming breath of introspection and peer beyond the veil of anger in order to heal the underlying wounds driving our fury

In rare instances, however, when faced with genuine threats and imminent danger, righteous anger becomes an instrument of proactive protection, empowering us to stand firm in defense of our own wellbeing.   

To learn more about anger management, self-confidence, manifestation, meditation, and everything in between, be sure to check out Dawson’s blog archive or podcast today! He’s here to always enlighten your minds and motivate your souls to strive to be the best person you can be. 

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