When in Doubt, Dance!

I have a few spare moments In the midst of this busy day.

What shall I do with it?

The household chores beckon

There are messages to check

My To Do list is long

Which activity do I choose?

I turn my face to the sky

I feel my breath

I notice the magic of life

Inhabiting my bones

In every moment

Just Dance

I dance

As I feel the joy of life

Spreading through every cell in my body

I dance

As my mind runs through the sky

I dance

I dance my being upward

Laughing to heavenly music

I release my list of mental obligations

But sorrows beckon

Surely these dark feelings must be felt…

Or must they?

When in doubt, dance

In any free moment, dance

With skill or with none, dance

When sorrows clasp you in their embrace, dance

When excuses reason with you, dance

Life is waiting for you always

Dancing For No ReasonRich, luscious life

Bidding you leave your furrowed brow, and dance

Breathe in this magic moment, and dance

Leave sorrows to their self-obsession, and dance

Abandon the quest for self-perfection

And dance

And when in doubt about which choice to make,

Dance, dance, and dance again

Spin with the ascending stars

And dance

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