The Unseen Guardian

By Pastor Ed Raines

On a misty Wednesday evening in Boston, en route to a prayer meeting, I embarked on foot, opting for the one-mile stroll rather than the convenience of driving. The bustling city streets were teeming with traffic, necessitating cautious glances in all directions before venturing across the road. 

As I reached Hooks Street, a one-way thoroughfare, my gaze instinctively turned right, the sole direction from which a car could approach. Assured of a clear path, I confidently stepped off the curb and onto the street.

Profound Moments in LifeIn an instant, an unseen force seized my shoulders with a vice-like grip. Fingers pressed into my flesh with ironclad insistency. With an abrupt yank, I was forcefully propelled back onto the safety of the curb.

Simultaneously, a car careened past me from the left, brazenly disregarding the one-way traffic signs. It raced past the exact spot I had occupied mere moments before. Had it not been for those unyielding hands, resolute in their intervention, I would surely have been struck at full force by the oncoming vehicle, especially given the fact it was also speeding.

Still trembling, I turned to express my gratitude to my unknown savior. To my bewilderment, only a vacant sidewalk greeted my search. Not a soul in sight. I scanned my surroundings in disbelief, grappling to comprehend the inexplicable events that had just occurred. It took several minutes to regain my composure and shake off the resulting disorientation, after which I continued my journey to the church.

In that profound moment, my faith found unshakable footing. The scriptures declare that God watches over us, with Matthew 10:29 revealing that even a sparrow’s fall does not escape God’s attention. This startling encounter, etched in my memory, has since cemented my belief in a benevolent and vigilant God—tirelessly working to protect us in every circumstance. Our ever-watchful and loving Creator.  

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