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Healing from Afar

During my extensive research for the book The Heart of Healing (Smith, 2004), I had the privilege of encountering a remarkable story shared by Richard Geggie, a former cardiac patient

It unfolded in the early 1990s while he resided in Toronto, Canada, and provided insight into the interplay of our body’s energy fields with those of others.

Richard recounted his experience with great candor: “I sought medical assistance from my doctor in Toronto when I found myself plagued by persistent fatigue and a sense of listlessness. Concerned, he promptly arranged for me to undergo an electrocardiogram. Later that day, upon reviewing the results, he delivered the unsettling news that my heart faced significant risks. To ensure my well-being, he advised me to remain calm, avoid exertion, carry nitroglycerine pills at all times, and refrain from venturing outdoors unaccompanied.”

Severe Clogged Arteries in High Risk PatientOver the next three days, Richard underwent a battery of tests administered by an array of medical professionals. To his dismay, he failed each one as they all revealed severe blockages within his arteries. Among these assessments were an angiogram, another electrocardiogram, and a treadmill stress test. 

His alarm reached its peak when, during the bicycle test, the clinic staff intervened, halting the examination prematurely out of fear that he might actually succumb on the spot due to the severity of his cardiac blockages. Determining Richard to be a high-risk patient, the medical team promptly scheduled him for urgent heart bypass surgery.

Surprisingly, however, the day preceding the scheduled surgery, Richard awoke to discover a marked improvement in his well-being. With newfound optimism, he made his way to the hospital, where an angiogram was performed—an examination involving the injection of dye into his arteries through an injection in his thigh. The objective was to pinpoint the locations of the blockages in preparation for the upcoming operation. 

As Richard lay there, prepared for surgery with his chest shaved, the doctors were about to mark his skin to delineate the incision site.

When the fresh set of angiogram results arrived from the lab, however, the doctor in charge expressed frustration, saying he didn’t like having his time wasted. The images displayed no visible blockages whatsoever. 

The doctor even remarked that he wished his own arteries looked as clear. The inexplicable contrast between the earlier tests and this recent revelation left all members of the medical staff bewildered, especially his erstwhile surgeon.

In due course, Richard unearthed a revelation that shed light on the enigma. His close friend, Lorin Smith, a medicine man from the Pomo Indian tribe in California, had learned of Richard’s cardiac troubles and promptly assembled a group of his students for a healing ceremony on his behalf. 

Native American Healing DanceDuring this sacred gathering, Lorin singled out a member of the group, enveloping him in a canopy of bay leaves while proclaiming his identity as Richard Geggie. For the subsequent hour, Lorin led the assembly in soul-stirring songs, fervent prayers, and purposeful movements, uniting their collective energies in an act of healing. 

The following day, Richard’s health displayed the evidence of his remarkable bodily transformation.

Thirteen years later, when I last followed up with Richard, he remained in excellent health, a living testament to the mysterious phenomenon known as “distant healing.” 

Numerous studies have meticulously documented the impact of such healing encounters, revealing their profound effects on individuals (Radin et al., 2015). This extraordinary tale of the shaman and the surgeon not only offers a glimpse into the interconnectedness of our energetic fields, but also serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that lie in the realm of healing.


Radin, D., Schlitz, M., & Baur, C. (2015). Distant healing intention therapies: An overview of the scientific evidence. Global Advances in Health and Medicine 4(Suppl.), 67-71. doi:10.7453/ gahmj.2015.012.suppl. 

Smith, L. (2004). Journey of a Pomo Indian medicine man. In D. Church (Ed.), The Heart of Healing (pp. 31-41). Elite Books

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