We are not human beings on a spiritual path. We are spiritual beings on a human path. -Anonymous

To me this is a defining quotation. I believe that we are consciousness before birth, and return to consciousness after the death of our physical bodies. The non-local part of our consciousness seeks expression through our local selves, our hearts, minds and bodies, every day.

In my experience, our thoughts strongly influence our reality. Our thoughts create our actions, our actions create our habits, our habits create our character, our character creates our destiny.

In the faces of men and women I see God. -Walt Whitman

My spirituality awakened when I was a young child. When I’d close my eyes, I’d “see” the prayers people were praying as purple and turquoise beams of light dancing and ascending above their heads. However, I found no-one I could talk to about this inner life.

I remember being an alienated teen, a confirmed atheist, disillusioned by the hypocrisy I saw at every level of the church. This changed when I was 15 years old. I became aware of a pervasive loving presence in the universe, filling me and every living thing with love.

My life since then, and my daily walk each day, has been an attempt to align myself fully with that felt reality. I experience the love present in the universe love as eternal, unchanging, and always available: The only variable is how aware we are of it in each moment.

I made a commitment to daily meditation when I turned 45 years old. This made a huge difference in my life. I became steadily happier, to where today, I wake up each morning feeling happy. I feel the presence of that benevolent universe penetrating me. It lifts my heart, heals my body, and inspires my mind.

I smile and laugh a lot. In the most desperate crisis, my mind drifts upward to see the situation from an elevated perspective. In conflicts I ask myself, “What would Love do now?” I keep my mind clear of negative thoughts. I am richly blessed with an inspired life!

Dawson Church Stone

I’ve always been fascinated with stone circles. Here I am at the mother of them all, Stonehenge