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EFT Mini-Manual
and EcoMeditation

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You’ve just taken a big step toward improving your health and well-being by discovering EFT tapping and EcoMeditation!

EFT is an incredibly effective self-help method! It’s scientific and evidence-based, you can learn it quickly, and most people find that even the very first time they try it, they get great results.

Our unique EcoMeditation method has, like EFT, been validated in clinical trials. Both have been shown to lower levels of cortisol, your main stress hormone, and boost levels of immunoglobulin, your body’s natural virus-killer.

Both EFT and EcoMeditation produce large drops in anxiety, depression, stress and pain. Use your free gifts right away!

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The EFT Mini-Manual Download
(Value $19)


Boost Your Immune System Naturally
(43 minute EcoMeditation MP3)

The Mind Can Change Molecules

The Mind Can Change Molecules

Inside your day-to-day routine, a glass of water sits close at hand, to quench your thirst and nourish your body as desired. This simple act of hydration is essential for your well-being.

A Teaching Tale from the Ancients

A Teaching Tale from the Ancients

In a quaint village, there lived a humble farmer who possessed a solitary treasure—a horse. This faithful companion plowed his fields, pulled his cart, and served as his trusted companion on journeys to the market. The horse was the farmer’s lifeline, an indispensable part of his existence.

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