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Begin Your Journey Inward

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Over a million people have used The EFT Mini-Manual by Dawson Church, PhD, to unlock the power of EFT tapping! Get yours free copy here today ($19 value). You’ll also get a bonus EcoMeditation called Boost Your Immune System Naturally.

Your immune system is vital to your body’s ability to fight off pathogens like viruses and bacteria. This audio track uses the evidence-based methods of EFT tapping together with EcoMeditation to reduce stress and boosting the immune system naturally.

Meditation guide Dawson Church has published several studies in peer-reviewed journals showing these methods increase your body’s production of immunoglobulins (virus-neutralizing antibodies) while decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. This audio track guides you in affirming your resilience and the strength of your immune system (43 minutes, $49 value). Don’t forget to listen in on Dawson’s FREE Podcast today too!

EFT Tapping

Effective Mindfulness Techniques that Allow You to Connect to Your Emotions & Brainwaves

If you’re interested in mastering the mindful technique of EFT Tapping, sign up for Dawson’s EFT Tapping course HERE. He also has a helpful Podcast that you’re welcome to listen to as well to learn even more about this meditation routine, along with other concepts, to begin your journey inward.

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